*Summon a Fire Wolf*


This charm makes you get a pet fire wolf which will protect you and be your faithful companion. Email me if if works for you! ^^

You will need the following items for this spell:

-2 candles (one candle the colour you want its eyes to be, and the other for the color fur)
-A pentacal (can be drawn on paper)
-6 days
-pencil and paper and colored pencils
-box (size depends upon how big your wolf is going to be)together with the key that opens it. (Or a cardboard box with a hole in it, then you could use any essential)

Casting Directions for ‘*Summon a Fire Wolf*’

1: place the candle you would like its eyes to be above the pentacle.
2: set the candle you want its fur to be under the pentacle.
3: draw or print a photo of what you want your wolf to look like. Don’t forget to color it!
4: fold the paper in half and write the wolfs -name -personality -breed of wolf -color of fire(red, orange, blue, ect.) -gender and other stuff.
5: Light the candles(mild the top one first)
6: place both of your hands on different sides of the pentacle and chant;
” (name), my loyalest companion, with your (colour of fur) fur and (color of eyes) eyes, you will safeguard your master. You will come in 6 days. Lets make a deal, you and me, I will search for you thrice, and you also do the exact same to me. Oh (title), we are going to be the best of friends, you will see. Forever you and me. We’ll share the same soul but not exactly the identical bowl. I will unlock you with my key, SO MOTE IT BE! ”
7: put the paper inside the box and lock it. (If its a cardboard box, just put tape on the hole and the lid so you cant open it)
8: bury the box below Your favorite spot ( this is your wolfs favorite spot too) make sure no dirt gets into the box or else your wolf will be dirty all the time
9: keep the key on you for 3 days and search for your wolf outside. Mainly look where you buried the box.
10: if you havent found your wolf in 3 days, bury the key a little bit above the box, your wolf will see you now. Still go outside as much as you can
11: if you still havent found your wolf, or it hasnt found you, you might have not think enough. This spell takes practice, so keep trying! Im sure that your wolf will come to you when ready. ^_^

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