Tooth Healing Spell


To prevent infecting and pain. (This Isn’t a spell to substitute a dental visit but nulls infection till you get to a dentist

You may need the following items for this spell:

Spring Water
1 White candle
1 Blue Candle
1 Green Candle
Sea Salt
small Howlite stone
White Sage
Spoon (Wand is optional substitution)

Casting Directions for ‘Tooth Healing Spell’

Invoke you gods as your religion deems fit. I suggest gods and goddesses of healing (Never invoke You’re Not aligned with or not part of your course)

After opening prayers take up the white candle and infuse it with white cleaning and purifying energy. Take your time. When ready say the following: “Into this candle I deem, the powersof purity and the forces to clean.”

Next take up the green candle and then infuse it with green healing power to ward off and ride disease. Take your time. When ready say the following: “Into the candle I control, I give the ability to destroy infection and healing I demand.”

Now take the candle and infuse it with healing energy. Take your time. When prepared say the following “into this candle I instill, the powers to banish away all that is ill.”

Place the candles down and hold your hands and chant:

“God/dess ________, immortal healer,
The powers of health and life are at your commend.
To you I pray. I prayer if ___(Inflicted individual)____
He/She is in pain
I ask of thee to help me in this rite
And grace me with your abilities.
Help me to infuse these candles.
Sweet divine _______, To you I pray.”

Feel the divine energy from your divinity and your own power course through you hand and charge the candles with healing energy. Do not rush.

Next take the glass and fill it with the spring water. And pour . And stir the water with your wand of spoon. DO NOT USE YOU FINGER. As you can send more healing energy into the water.

Now take the howlite stone and hold it in your hand. Howelite is a healing stone for bones and teeth. Awaken the properties of the stone (best way is to clap your hands a few times with the stone still on your palm. You will know it’s awake once you feel the stone pulsate in your hand) Now set the stone in the glass.

Hold the glass and while infusing the water with healing energy chant the following:

“Divine and immortal lord/lady of healing
This I ask of you.
Use me as a boat or tunnel if you Desire
but infuse this water with thy immortal gifts.
It may heal people who partake of it.
This I ask of thee.”

Now set the glass down. Separate the candles far enough that they will encircle the glass and light the candles. As you light each candle chant the following:

“As this candle burns away,
Permit its healing qualities linger and remain”

Place the glass of water in the center of the candles. You can and should infused the glass and candles area again with a different prayer to your own healing gods or an overall healing incantation.

Now allow the glass stay in the area of the candles until they go all the way out.

Now give the water to the individual with the tooth and allow them to use it as a mouth wash. DO NOT DRINK IT! Between the curative properties of the infusion and this rock, the pain should null down. Use as needed. Atleast 5 times in the course of a day.

If you minus the salt water, fill a jar with water and a couple of howlite stone, and hold the exact same general ritual, you can earn a amazing drinkable elixir to help maintain good teeth, which you may drink on a re ular basis. I’ve done so since my mother did this for me as a child and to date I have not had one cavity or any tooth problems. I’ve shared this spell with friends that they’ve ensured that it has helped tremendously with any temporary tooth ache.


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