Sanctuary and Beyond


Protection; it’s required everywhere. This spell promises to provide you the significant everyday protection so you remain jovial and solemnly carry out your everyday requirements in life.

You will need the following items for this spell:

A Red candle (optional; recommended)
A Green candle (optional; recommended)
A Turquoise candle (optional; recommended)
2-3 white candles
A marker
A paper
A bowl of water
Quartz (optional; recommended)
Agate (optional; recommended)
Emerald (optional; recommended)
Diamond and/or Silver

Casting Directions for ‘Sanctuary nd Beyond’

Perform this spell at either 11:00 am on Sunday or 11:00pm on Monday. During the spell, you need to have a devotaedmind. Calm your nerves. Reflect positive energy. Burst out with emotions when you call out the Deties names. Yell the last 4 lines.

Draw a pentagon. Light the candles; whites. Arrange the colors based on the elemental pattern in the pentagon, leaving ground and atmosphere vacant. Open the windows and switch the lights off. If stones and candles are used:

Place Quartz/Diamond alongside theturquoise candle
Place Agate next to the candle
Place Emerald in the Earth position (within the pentagon).
Place silver at the Air position (inside the pentagon).
When the setup is complete, chant:

Carry Oh Spirit! Dance your freedom, the essence that is gratifying! Input Signal… And glint your brightest light! Thee demolish! I display, my extreme esteem! Oh, the entangled beasts, the inferno! I reckon, oh Prometheus! I invite thee, to spread your light that wards off shadow! That slays! Oh Gaia, in your property, I seek refuge! Oh, King Thor, valor is sought by me! Oh, Lord Poseidon, beneath your sight, I seek enlightenment! Oh Beset, I glorify thee, by heart and blood! In this area, bounded, yet with ceaseless adulation… I grant, my sublimity! To all of the Divine! I beg, to give me, sanctuary! Shall all bonds be liberated shall no one see… So let it be. So mote it be!

After the spell: Draw the Helm of Awe. Place the paper into the bowl of water and keep it for a week. Rub the pentagon gently off. Keep the ingredients in a safe location.

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