To Relieve Anxiety


I have bad anxiety and panic attacks and find this helps

You may need the following items for this spell:

1 cauldron or big bowl
hot water
amethyst stone
aventurine stone
jade stone
black onyx stone

Casting Instructions for ‘To Relieve Anxiety’

Okay, well I have quite a bit of anxiety and have often suffered anxiety attacks and I’ve found that this works for me to relieve my anxiety:

Place herbs in the cauldron and cut with knife. Add boiling water that is hot. Light candle placed facing cauldron. I then say “I, In my humanest from, call forth the powers of this earth and ask them to bless this potion with the capability to aleviate anxiety and instill in the drinker a calm, sober mind. I add a rock of amethyst for sobriety, aventurine for reflection, jade for recovery, and onyx for centering. These stones will further this potions ability.” I add stone, and rub my hands together quickly to create energy. Chant “Calm, calmness, peace, happiness.” When enough energy has been created, move the ball of energy towards the potion and place it inside. Move hands around the globe, adding all your energy to it while chanting “calm, calmness, calmness, joy”. Pick up your wand, when your energy feels drained. Say” With this wand, I bless this potion with the ability to take away the drinkers pain and anxiety and instill in them a calm, sober head.” Stir the potion with your wand, and when energy feels depleted, bring up wand and suck excess potion off the finish. Say “I thank you, great earth, for the present you have given of allowing this potion banish anxiety in the drinker. Blessed be.” Blow out the candle. The potion may now be drank, or saved for later use. Any surplus should be returned to the earth’s ground, and not thrown away.

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