To Quell Mischief Among Your Belongings


This charm allows the witch to safeguard his things using a bit more of a darker twist on Magick to do so.

You will need the following items for this spell:

A black candle Dragon’s Blood incense An incense holder A chalice/goblet of cold water A lighter/Matches The item(s) terrorized in mischievous acts A sterilized pin

Casting Directions for ‘To Quell Mischief One Of Your Belongings’

Light the candle and call upon deities and entities of warning and heeding signs. Ask politely they are present in the functioning of the spell, and they see this spell through to its completion and ultimate success.

Light the Dragons Blood incense in its incense holder. Take the item(s) and pass it or them throughout the incense as you say aloud with a border to your words:

Petty mischief do quell
Find another with this spell

Take the sterilized pin (to sterilize hold the tip of the trap in a fire, then swab it with isopropyl [rubbing] alcohol) and prick your finger. Eliminate the first drop of blood, then squeeze the next 3 drops of blood into the wax of the black candle as you continue to chant with advantage:

Dragons Blood now do the deed
With one touch their fingers bleed

Waft the smoke of the incense toward you, and continue to chant once again:

Vibrant smell so sweet and sour
Mix the Magick in this hour
Warn them now in Wiccan way
Touch me not during your day
From here on out may this start
Heed my warning
As I will So Mote It Be

Then, quickly snuff the fire and drip the candle wax with the 3 drops of blood in it in your goblet or chalice of water. Let the wax sit and mould for around 5 minutes.

Afterward, touch the surface of the water with just your index and middle fingers of your dominant hand. Anoint the item(s) with the water, beginning in the center and spiraling outward deosil.

After you have anointed the item(s), go outside and pour the remainder of the water and the candle wax out on the earth to biodegrade as an offering to give thanks to the deities and enitites that aided you in your Magickal work.

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