To Protect your Teenage Daughter


This spell arises out of the ceremonies to Honor the Maize Goddess in Mexico.

Today it deals effectively with teenage fears and difficulties, especially as it honours the maiden aspect of the triple goddess. It is in many ways a rite of passage and is both a protection and an initiation. It shouldn’t be performed unless the woman herself feels that she is ready for such a service, or in need of it.

You will need the following items for this spell:

A white nightgown or simple dress Maize broom corn shirts (silks) Two or four white candles (optional) Water which has been blessed

Casting Directions for ‘To Secure your Teenage Daughter’

Traditionally this ceremony was completed to cleanse and protect a young girl who had been frightened by inopportune advances, whether human or otherwise. It is inevitable that the teenagers of today will find difficulty in talking about their fears and doubts, but when they can be encouraged to consider them prior to this spell it’s helpful.

The girl ought to be dressed in the white dress and then lie face downwards with her arms spread outwards in the form of a cross. If using candles place them at her hands, her feet and head or in all four positions. Do whatever you feel is right.

Sweep her back and legs with the silks, using the blessed water at the same time. Sprinkle her from head. Petition the goddess with words such as: Goddess of fertility, power and love: Bless this child here. Protect, guard and guide her as she grows to womanhood. Let her not be troubled by childish fears. But grow to be the woman she knows she can be.

Ask the woman now to think about her own future to take time to dream and envision the type of person she would like to be. As you sit quietly with her visualize a white light surrounding her and ask that she be protected from injury. You might at this point wish to make use of the opportunity to encourage her to talk about her dreams and anxieties, but try not to put pressure on her.

In case you have used candles then you can snuff them out but don’t use for other magical. Hopefully this will give your teenager a deeper appreciation of who she is and what she may become. Clearly she must give her consent to what you do together, and it’s a time which must be treated sensitively. Knowing that she is protected doesn’t give licence to take risks, simply to behave responsibly.

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