To get what you want


The full moon is always a time to reap rewards and finalise unfinished buisness. It’s also a great time to concentrate on a goal when the moon is at its fullest, most flourishing light. This spell calls on the moon’s vibrant, illuminating power to deliver the tides of change working in your favour.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Full moon 3 pieces of red carnelian Frankincense insence Something to light the incense with A pouch (optional)

Casting Directions for ‘To get what you want’

Light your incense on your altar or table. Place the 3 bits of carnelian ( symboling Mars, Fire and Aries) in a triangle shape. Now take the piece of carnelian from the top point of the triangle in your hand. Close your eyes, and envision what you would like. As soon as you have visualised your success story in your head, open your eyes and place the Carnelian back on the table. Next, pick up the piece of carnelian at the bottom right of the triangle and do the same thing, but this time as you see your want, say : ” I believe in my intended deed, and with this Crystal, Mars, and fire, I’ll succeed. ” Ultimately, take up the last piece of Carnelian as you visualise your success, state: ” begin my quest from this day forth and it will succeed. And with this Crystal, Mars, and passion, my fantasies are fulfilled.” From now on, every day for a month take the 3 pieces of cornelian with you in the event you go, either in a pouch or only in your pocket, to fortify the energy you’ve invoked from this day and help you to truly succeed a manifest the dream.

This spell isn’t my own and is from the publication spell craft for a magical year written by Sarah Barlett. Do not forget if you like to spell maybe you should check out her book!

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