To End Confusion or Find Truth


This is a spell you can use if your confused or want to know the truth about something. This is one of the easiest I have heard in this class, and I hope it is the same for you also.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Memories 3 Candles that Represent your feelings(will be explained in Instructions) Your Mythical Creature/Guardian(If you don’t have one, that is fine.)

Casting Instructions for ‘To End Confusion or Discover Truth’

Explaining the candles and mythical monster. Select a candle color that reflects what you feel about your confusion, or how you are feeling about the situation.
Color Code. . .Blue: Calm. Red: Love. Orange: Jealousy. Yellow: Happy. Purple: Stressed. White: Hopeless. Teal: Loss. Grey: Lonely. Black: Satisfied. Green: Lively. Magenta: Sick/Sickness. Steel Blue: Sadness

Your mythical creature or guardian would be something like your Djinn or guardian angel or dragon. It’s not essential, and this will still work if you do not have one. It merely guarantees more successful results if you do.
Light your candles.
Whenever you go to sleep, or to take a rest, go through all your memories as your falling asleep. EVERYTHING you may remember. It doesn’t just have to be about what your curious about, but include that also.

When you fall asleep, you will dream about the answer or a way to solve your confusion. If you don’t get it when you awaken from your dream, think about it. It might take some time to understand because your brain has a weird method of presenting things, in addition to this ritual or spell.

This should not be too hard, but if you have problems, message me and I’ll help you.

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