The Honest Romance of Lilac


Confrontation about love is often awkward. This spell is designed to give you that all important answer without asking your particular one directly.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Waxing or Full Moon A small photo (representing your love) 1 White and 2 Pink Candles Lavendar/Aloe oil or Honey Optional: A Wand A Candleholder Sage Incense

Casting Instructions for ‘Lilac’s Honest Romance’

Day: Sunday (Monday is also acceptable)
Time: Near Midnight (or Monday Sunrise)

Before casting this spell attempt to relax and stare at the moon or sky. Imagine the energy filling you and removing all of the darkness and impurities.

Anoint the Candles with lavendar, honey, and/or aloe. While doing this say:

“Negativity I banish thee, Promote only tender thougts for me, False love will not ever prevail, Whether or not my spell will fail, With the power of three, So mote it be!” .

Now use a wand or your projecting hand to cast a circle around yourself. Light the candles and stare into them. Then take a picture of an object representing the individual, it doesn’t have to belong to them such as a photo of a cat if they love animals or an image of fish if they love tuna and seafood. Make sure its just a cheap computer printout rather than a family photograph or anything significant!

Place the white candle on top of the image, or if the candle is in a holder, squash up the picture and put it in the holder. Just make sure that the candle won’t fall over with the printout from the holder, perhaps a very SMALL printout would be useful here… Either way, try to get the image under the white candle and focus on the truth. Focus on a response, not yes or no, just will for the truthful answer to come to you.

If you know any ceromancy, then start looking for certain aspects of the fire to see how it’s going. Is the fire slow and steady as though it’s going to win the race? Or does it put itself out of it’s misery and give up?

Burning a purple plant will inhance your spirituality and hopefully give you an extra boost of truth in your working. Now inhale the smoke/fresh air and begin to chant the spell, one hand on each pink candle. Will the white candle wax to drip on the image representing your loved one: (* is replaced with your loved ones name)

“Would you, dear *, consider me? As the bee to the flower, And the blossom to the bee?

Can you, dear *, like to discuss life? As a man to a woman, And a husband to a wife?

Or perhaps, you’d consider, a little bit of fun? Like a child with a friend, Or the Moon with the Sun?

I would like you to consider being together, Like rain and the weather, A bird and a feather.

I want you to think about being apart, A board without a dart, Or men with no heart.

But first and foremost, *, I want you to think? Could you love me dear *? Just give me a wink.

Blink three times yes or one wink no, But never forget that I love you so.

Can you, dear *, love me? With that answer, so mote it be!” .

Blow out the pink candle and count to three. Take the picture from below the white candle. What form is the wax marks on the picture, do they signify anything? Or maybe a shape has formed around a specific portion of their body? Start looking for some time until you feel like you’re ready to stop. Close the circle and break the candle with the picture beneath it on a windowsill until it burns out or the flame is blown out.

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