To Bring Rain


For those times when rain is desperately needed. If there’s a 40% chance of rain, but that just is not good enough and the land really needs the rain, this will bring the rain and make it hard, unless the area is truely meant to be parched.

You will need the following items for this spell:

In spell instructions

Casting Directions for ‘To Bring Rain’

Collect your athame or wand (I find that the Athame works best when working together with the wether, but in case you prefer to use your wand or staf then please do) the four elements, a blue and green candle, and lots of large stones. Place the stones. Place the components in their correct places on your altar, and if you want, you might also get four candles for the quarters. Cast the circle and call the quarters by invoking the elental energies of each direction. Invoke the power of the Earth Mother and Sky Father and light the candles respectively. Enter the God position. Breathe deep and began to chant

“Mother Earth and Father Sky,
Here my words
I ask for rain from high above
To fill the floor with waters of love
I call the clouds to bring the rain
bringing no loss, only gain!”

Chant at length. As you chant, slowly raise your amrs and your voice level until you are yelling at which point you should feel the energy. Envision the storm as it would be upon its” arrival. If it helps you to see lightning do this, but truley emphasize the final line of the chant. When you feel you’ve raised sufficient energy, throw yourself to the floor and shout “RAIN!” And continue to picture the rain. Say as a closing line

“With harm to none, So Mote it Be!

Thank Diety, release the circle, and prepare for the rain.Top Delete postReport this postReply with quoteEdit post

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