Simple rain casting


A spell to make the three phases of rainy weather. Should be done under clouds, for this spell does not summon clouds, it summons rain

You will need the following items for this spell:

Your hands Overcast weather

Casting Directions for ‘Simple rain casting’

This must be done outdoors, being that the spell might choose the precipitation of the interior of your room and start raining.

Start with your hands face, beside each other, it does not matter how far they are from you
Move both hands around as if encircling a ball, you should end up with your hands now lower and facing up
Overlap your hands and bring them up to face you, then shut your pinkyring and ring finger. It now looks like you have crossed two double barrelled finger firearms
Roll your palms outwards, now your hand is facing away from you, still with the finger guns
Roll your hands again forwards, then bring your finger guns to your sides

This should start the rain within two to three minutes

Pointing up your palms will stop the rain instantly

Also for a cool party trick, roll your hands and spread out your fingers to make them face down. This freezes the rain where it is

To control the clouds, it is not much more challenging. The same hand movements should be done
Now, roll your hands backward and spread your fingers facing forward, this should create a link between your hands and the clouds. You may move them at will

Lightning is an advanced spell, and remains under careful analysis, but can be done well if practiced
After all of the movement up into the clouds, roll your hands to cross them, then slide them away, making fists.
Punch your fists together to complete the spell. You’d know you have done it in case a crackle of electricity erupts from your palms. Throwing your hand down will create a lightning bolt, crashing down on your goal. Punching will create an electric shockwave. Be warned, this electric shockwave is known to destroy electronics

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