Thought injection


This experimental spell will inject your target’s mind with a idea of your choice, contact me about any results or suggestions.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Strong visualization belief (optional) chant to any higher power to give you success (optional) any thing purple to include ti the air (purple candles – purple decorations – purple gems etc.. .)

Casting Instructions for ‘Thought injection’

The chances of this spells success is dependent upon your abilities, ability, and the targets mental defenses, attempting to understand how your goal thinks will help you to inject more convincing thoughts.
You can’t use this spell to make someone do anything against their core values, the brain will simply remove the idea if it was too strange, by way of example, you can’t use this spell to change someones faith, or to make him your slave … but you can use it to make him like a new activity or hobby or slightly alter his opinion on someone.
use it morally.
1) create a comforting atmosphere, meditate, gather energy, andvisualize a syringe, this syringe ought to be made of any metal and look metallic so that it can permeate mind defenses.
2) fill the syringe with transparent fluid with a taint of purple to it, purple is the colour of thought and psychic power, so this will look like ordinary mental power.
3) visualize a psi ball, and turn it into a bubble, this psi bubble will burst and cause no injury once inside the targets head.
4) now focus on the idea you want, think of it, see its effect, imagine any voice, odor, taste or some other feeling linked to it, and even think in this thought as your own thought, this will be the idea youll inject in the targets brain.
5) now focus into eliminating that thought from your mind, and set it inside the psi bubble , this is the hardest part and could need some practice.
6) place the psi ball inside the syringe, let it settlein the center of the liquid with nearly half the liquid below it, and half of the liquid over it.
7) (optional) before you proceed to the next step, send prayers or chants to any god or thing you worship, should you not follow any god then try asking the power of thoughts, or mental spirits, such as help, should you not understand how to chant try this simple chant : (who ever you ask for help) please make this succeed, I’m doing it because Im in need, I ask for you to grant me success, for this action, no more, no less, any outside power can help you with imagining, fortune, and overall success rate, tho you can skip this step.
8) now keep imagining the syringe, and go to your target, you must be close and able to find the target for much better effect, tho if your psychic abilities are strong you can do it remotely …. Now envision the syringe penetrating the goals brain, and gradually allow the contents of it flow in your targets head … start with the fluid to disguise the spell and let the brain not be careful, then inject the thought, then the rest of the fluid these steps mask the thought and make the brain less suspicious of it because it thinks it is getting mental power/blessing.
9) if the psi bubble does not burst by itself, then visualize it exploding.
You should see subtle shift in behaviorin few minutes, but give it several days to have full effect, it will mostly grow in power each time the target feels or feels.

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