More Powerful Than Spells


Most spells can be made into consideration forms, usually with less effort that performing the spell itself. Create a psi ball, name it, teach it on what its function is, and where to draw energy from. And finally what it is to do once its task is complete and then send it on its way.

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Casting Directions for ‘More Powerful Than Spells’

Few if any have enough energy to work our craft alone. We must and ought to learn how to draw energy from other sources. Working in a group, we can draw energy from the group. There are many more powerful sources that we can and ought to be utilizing. As you’re probably aware we can create a thought form and feed it energy to complete the function we make it for. There are thousands of very powerful thought forms that others have made. We can tap into their power in addition to the four elements, the Sun and the Moon can also be used.

First rule: never use your energy if you’re able to find any other source.
Rule two: There are always other resources out there.

Drawing energy is not that hard but like most things it requires practice, just as you are able to draw in Prana with breathing exercises, you can even draw in other energy, Mana from the Earth, energy from fire and water, and as mentioned before from powerful thought forms.
Most spells can be made into thought forms, usually with less effort that doing the spell itself. Create a psi ball, name it, instruct it on what its purpose is, and where to draw energy from. And lastly what it is to do after its task is complete and then send it on its way. (this last part is very important, you want to make sure that you “Kill” the thought form once it has finished its task)

Example: Spell to heal another. Make a pis ball, Name it “Heal (title)”. Instructions — Go to (title) and send healing energy in his/her body at a level that will help and not harm. Continue to do so until he/she is will. Draw energy required from the “Hail Mary” thought form. When (name) is cured, release your residual energy slowly into the Earth and dissolve. Thank you, now go to (name).

As you see it is not that hard and none of the magical tools and rituals are needed. Being the thought form has its own energy supply it will be more powerful than any spell which only has the energy available that has been used as it was cast. It’s not hard to convert most spells to a thought form. I believe that you will find that they are easier and more powerful than spells.

For those who have located your magick not functioning well, then give this a few tries, you should be presently surprised. Remember the principles of three still apply and will come back harder than ever if you use it to change ones free will or to do damage. You are not an agent of Karma, it doesn’t need your help. Seek no sin, hate, wickedness and evil eats into your soul, do not take them with you. You have been warned. Consider your actions carefully before casting any spell or creating any thought kind.

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