The witchdoctors curse


This is my twist on a voodoo ritual that can summon a demon to make my someone mind you and pay should they punish you .

You will need the following items for this spell:

Doll of person with eyes(most important) Something of these raven father Box vinegar Needle s/or hooks

Casting Directions for ‘The witchdoctors curse’

Ok ok start this spell is a doozy you can really hurt someone warning! I was starting voodoo and tried my first ritual that I placed together and was in shocked of my out come but magic is mite to be learned as you toy with it and as a gray sorcerer I never had the mind set to kill bc that’s evil.
You first need to make a image of the person who is being targeted out of any medium of choice string is easiest and best . Now you must clam something of theirs it can be their pen, old glove, cup, straw, the most clever if manged their name written by them as to sign to your curse shipping.
Day 1 -3 during the wanning moon attach the object to the doll leave the doll in my place left away from other people and dark.
Day 4-7 take the doll and keep it in a box with the fether and leave it in a tight place like under the mattress or a stone .
Day 8 hold the picture of the person and show its victim the person can be at a distance and can only be for a sec that is why it must have eyes to see

Day 9 must be the dark of the moon and Pierce the picture with the needles or hooks make certain to soak them in the vinegar and to aim carefully the more painful the stad the more of a outcome as you burn incense underrated saying the Lord’s Prayer backwardsat midnightand wait until 3 o’clock and go to the graveyard with 9 pennies to bury it in the box not on anybody s tomb but off to the side once it in the ground leave the pennies all over by throwing them and leave AND NEVER GO BACK! DONT EVERYONE LOOK EVER! OR IT WILL COME BACK TO PUNISH YOU! I just glanced and I noticed a demon jump over a grave stone so I never attempted and use spells to pass it with security

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