The Way to summon the spirit Drossel Keinz( remade)


This is instructions om how to summon Drossel Keinz. Seemingly a character from an anime called Black Butler. There’s a strong spirit by that name and vary similar to the character in the anime. Warning, the soul is short tampered, vary possessive, vary obsessive, can be vary dangerous when doing a deal with him.

You will need the following items for this particular spell:

10 white candles a mark a paper with a flur due lis overlaying a right side up pentagram( you may draw this, make sure the flur due lis is lined up with the pentagram properly). A necklace with a flur due lis on it a little hand crank music box that plays london bridge a porcelain doll a ceramic mask a framed image of drossel keinz from black butler be certain that your room is clean to show respect be sure that you are dressed in the period of time of the 1800’s must be opened minded for this to work you can have organ music playing for meditation please try to believe that hes real or that there is a possibility that hes real, because it’s disrespectful to dis him or to claim to understand all(suck as believing that you know evrything rather than nneding to learn anymore) make sure there is no lights on and to turn off electronics (since he can make divices glitch, shut down, overheat or break. Along with the light interferes with communication plus he does not like technology and forbids it)

Casting Directions for ‘The best way to summon the soul Drossel Keinz(remade)’

place your candles all around the framed picture of Drossel.
play music for meditation, to keep your mind clear.
Light all the candles up.
Turns off all the lights and electronics in the house or building.
Sit before the framed picture of Drossel.
Draw a flur due lis on the palm of your hand, circle it. Write keinz backward underneath.
Have the due lis necklace in your hand.
Put the flur due lis centre of your hand.
Request drossel in your mind and outside load until you feel pain in your gut.
If you can’t talk to him or see him fully, or not having dreams do so every night.
It is possible to expect strange paranormal behavior going around you, your house or anyone else that was in the ritual.
Objects might be out of place, hear footsteps, pounding on the walls and ceilings, might see a flask of puppet related items for a sec. You may feel watched or fallowed.
Find strange things .
May find weapons in dark rooms that you have never see or own.
You might find crossed, made out of sticks and blonde human hair from the woods. Your dolls might be in various rooms.

If you have any questions or don’t know how to correctly do the ritual, or have to be guided.
Please message me on skype- my user name

I will try to contact you

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