Spell To Summon A Wolf Spirit


This is a spell to summon a wolf soul to function as a teacher, protector and friend. Not something to be messed with.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Five white candles/tealights Chalk Salt Incense Athame/Knife Wolf figurine Full Moon

Casting Instructions for ‘Spell To Summon A Wolf Spirit’

With the chalk, draw a circle . Pour the salt around the circle. Set the salt aside. In the middle of this circle, draw a pentacle. Place the wolf figurine at the middle. Pour the salt in a circle round the wolf statue. Place the candles at every point in the pentacle.
Light the candles and incense. Say:

Spirit of the Wolf,
You who wanders the lands
You who stalks in the shadows
You who runs and jumps between the moss covered trees,
Lend me your primal strength,
And the wisdom of your glowing eyes.
Teach me to relentlessly monitor my desire,
And to stand in defense of those I love.
Show me the paths and the moonlit fields.
Fierce Spirit, walk with me in my solitude
Howl with me
As I proceed through this world, and guard me.

Take the athame/knife and use it to prick your finger. Wipe the blood on the brow of the figurine. Say the following:

Spirit of the Wolf, I summon you.
Bound by blood,
You are summoned by me.
Wolf Spirit, inhabit these walls and ramble with me.
We are bound
Yet we are free.
Walk through my life with me.
We are a pack.
You are summoned by me.

Allow the candles and the incense burnt down. Take the statue and place it in a place of reverence in your house or room. Your chosen soul will always be with you. However, they are bound to the figurine, so take them with you wherever you may go. They would love to come! If and when the time comes when you should release them (they have grown older, and want to recharge and return), bury the statue under a willow on the entire moon. Wait until the next full moon, and do the spell again, using fresh blood and maintaining the statue. End the ritual with a smile and a ‘welcome back, old friend’.

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