Spell To Go in the Warrior Cats World


This spell summons you to the Warrior Cats world as two cats kit!

You will need the following items for this spell:

Belief Paper Pencil/Pen Bowl Milk Food Coloring Salt/Pepper/Sugar Mint Leaf/s Cinnamon

Casting Directions for ‘Spell To Move in the Warrior Cats World’

Grab a sheet of paper and draw yourself as a cat. Draw a type of size. Like Tiny for a kit, Small for an apprentice, and Large for a warrior. You may customizethe size however youd like, just be sure its in the dimensions of what I stated.

Now color the cat in however youd like. It can be any color as long as its realistic.

Fold the paper.

Now grab a bowl and fill it with milk. Grab food coloring dye and dye the milk one of the colors your cat has. You can even mix however many colors youd like together before to make the color you need. Then put the mixture into the milk. Also, add blue or pink for what sex youd like. You may be thinking howd it work. Magic!

Mix the milk and the food dye together.

Now, put in sugar, pepper, or salt to the milk, food coloring mix. Sugar for a sweet/cheerful character, Pepper for a grumpy/mean/rude personality, and Salt for a jealous personality. You may add mint and stuff to get a more into herb type cat, or other things for more character and all. Like mint for a herb type of cat, Cinnamon for a sweet hot, strong cat. Stuff like that. You can also place your own stuff in there for whatever you can imagine!

Now, grab your folded paper and your milk and sit down somewhere. Close your eyes and begin chanting: Oh, magical world of Warriors, open your gates. I would like to be a ___ with ___ fur and ___ ears. ___ markings will be all on me. My eyes will be ___. I want to be in ___Clan! Oh, magical world of Warriors, oven your gates to me! Open your eyes and drink the milk. Then close your eyes and think of your cat and what clan your in. You should then show up in the clan and in the nursery as a newborn kit. You shouldnt be able to see or listen to yet, but you’ll soon.

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