The Shoe-Box Telephone


CAUTION: This is a ritual that calls upon the dead to communicate. This is for information purposes only. Should you decide to attempt this ritual, be warned that this isn’t a game and any results, both good and bad, may be long lasting, disturbing and possibly dangerous.
Ritual isn’t mine.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Your telephone booth: a closet will do. Your handset: a paper cup. Your phone box: the titular shoe-box. Your phone wire: just a normal string (the sewing kind). Approximately 2 to 4 feet should be enough. You’ll require a needle too. Scissors. Some powerful object to power the telephone box with; it must have a private connection to whomever you’re trying to talk to. This is very important. A single sheet of paper, a pen, and some type of flat surface to write on.

Casting Instructions for ‘The Shoe-Box Telephone’

The outbound call:
Step 1: Wait for the end of your day, right before bed time. For now it is just you and the night, just you and your thoughts, alone in your area. Don’t switch off the lights but do turn off your phone, your TV, your stereo, radio, computer, etc.. You want zero distractions, and absolutely no interruptions. You want quiet. Then just wait for the “right time”. What’s the “right time”? It is… one of those things that are difficult to describe but you’ll just know it when you see it. You will just know. It could build up slowly, but when it’s finally there it’ll hit you, zero uncertainty. At this point may you begin writing your letter. If this threshold of certainty never comes within an hour, just go to sleep and try again another night. If you’ve been trying for three or four nights already and the moment just never comes, then it might simply be that you are not prepared for this. That’s okay. Try a different person, or give yourself a break for a couple nights. What you don’t need to do is compose your letter while in doubt. That’d be a wrong number.

Step 2: Now write your letter. If you do start writing don’t erase nor correct any mistakes you make (this includes scrawling words over; don’t). Don’t start over either. You just have a single sheet of paper along with your first draft is your final draft. Explain to this person why they should provide you a ring. Be honest. Let it all out. It’s not always easy. Don’t over think it, just write. This is why you had to await the right time. It’ll all make sense. Again, doubt = wrong number. Never dial a wrong number; it is ideal to abort the whole thing.

Step 3: When you are done tie one end of the series to the power object, and with a needle, insert the other end through the center of the base of your paper cup. Remove the needle, tie a small knot, and now you have a cute little paper telephone like you probably once made while you were a child. Don’t prepare this ahead of time before your letter. Write the letter, THEN do the paper cup.

Step 4: Read your letter aloud, in the paper cup. Read it sincerely as though the person at the other end could hear you, such as all the mistakes you didn’t correct. Just read them. This is your outbound call.

Step 5: Put the letter and object in the shoe-box, and place the shoe-box on the ground of your phone booth, your closet. Then close the box but don’t seal it -just allow the lid rest there softly, with the series still coming out from under and going to your paper cup. Leave the paper cup standing on top of the box. Leave the scissors on the floor next to the box.
You’re done. Now all that’s left to do is to wait for the ring.

The inbound call:
Step 1: The ring will come in a dream, either that night, or any night shortly after. You may dream of the person trying to call you, and you’ll awaken from that dream, usually in the middle of the night, and you will know it’s time to take the call.

Step 2: DO NOT turn on the light. DO NOT say a word. Just get up from the bed and go to your phone booth. Is the box still shut, with the paper cup standing on top? Good, get in the closet, sit down, and slide the door closed ( a closed booth is especially important in case the ring comes after sunrise, because you’ll need the darkness). If you discover the box open, or when you find the paper cup knocked over, abort the mission and snap off the series. Do not take that headset anywhere near your ear. Use the scissors if you can’t snap the thread with your own hands.

Step 3: Otherwise just sit on the floor there and press the paper cup to your ear and cover your other ear with another hand to assist you listen. It may take a while. You may not speak. Don’t move too much. Don’t touch the box.

Some folks report an increase in call quality after tugging on the series ever so gently.This is fine but just be careful NOT TO OPEN THE BOX by doing this. Remember they’re calling collect, and if it goes through, that shoe box must stay closed for at least a few months. Again, you may not speak, not even if you’re asked questions, not even if you’re ordered to. You already said your piece in the outbound call. For the one that is inbound listen. Avoid noise. When you’re done (or if you would like to hang up at any time), simply hold the box lid shut with one hand, and pull on the headset with another hand until the string snaps off. In case of emergency, use the scissors. Maintain the closed shoe box somewhere safe for a month or two. Eliminate that paper cup. Burning is fine, just don’t put it to your ear.

What if after four or three nights comes? Maybe they have nothing to say to you. That’s okay. Try someone else. Do not do this too frequently.

Disclaimer: This may help you get closure, but it could also make things worse.

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