Symbolic Box Spell


A spell that uses a box as a symbol for many things. An example is included on how to clear or focus your mind.

You will need the following items for this spell:

-A Box

Casting Instructions for ‘Symbolic Box Spell’


The purpose of this spell is to achive something, anything really, through the use of symbolism. The box can represent anything you want it to and this spell can be catered to your individual needs with a few small changes. What Ive written below is just a starting point for you to see the possibilities this spell could have for you and a couple examples.

Clear/Focus Your Mind

If you ever felt like your mind has been going a thousand miles an hour and you just cant get a break from thinking then this is a great spell for you. Take the box and make it symbolize your mind. (If you want you can draw on the box and make it look like a brain if you think it will help) Try to visualize the box and your mind being one and the same. Once you have done this empty out the box and close it. This will symbolize how your mind is empty and it should calm down your mind. If you want to focus on a task then write what you want to focus on (Ex. your homework) on a peice of paper and put it in the box. This will symbolize how your mind will be void of any other thoughts besides what you wrote on the peice of paper.

Other Possibilities

This spell has many other applications. For example, you could have the box symbolize your life. Then, whatever you put in the box, such as money, will come to you in real life. The possibilities for this spell are endless.

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