The Ju Ju Powder of Othala


This is a multi-purpose ju ju powder for many different applications inclduing protection, banishing negativity, for cleansing, balance, and love etc..

You may need the following items for this spell:

Mortar and Pestle (Alternatively a Coffee Grinder)
Small Tongs or Spoon
A sharp Knife
A Bowl of any dimension
A little velvet sachet/bag or small tin (for storing the finished powder)
Angelica Root
Anise Seed
Red Cloves
Fenugreek seed
Jasmine Flower
Life Everlasting
Lotus Leaf
Peony Root
Star Anise
Optionally include any special ingredients you want to add

Casting Instructions for ‘Othala’s Ju Ju Powder’

What you need to do is take each herb/root and grind it down to the finest possible powder as possible. You can either do this one of 2 ways you can quickly and easily do so with a coffee grinder one which is solely used for grinding herbs; or you can do it the old fashioned but harder way and grind the herbs/roots using a mortar and pestle. To be honest as much as I like the simplicity and convenience of a coffee grinder I think that using the mortar and pestle the conventional way increases the energy, magic, and effort to the Ju Ju powder since you’re working so much harder to achieve the desired outcome especially after placing your sweat, blood, and tears into your own work.

The amount you use for every herb/root does not matter specifically and depends entirely on how much of the finished and blended powder you desire. After you grind every herb into a fine powder store it temporarily in the bowl, every time you add the grounded powder of an herb/root to the bowl you should take the tongs or spoon and mix the powder together to blend it. Keep doing this for every herb/root until you have finished with all the ingredients.

As soon as you have finished grinding all the herbs/roots and have mixed them together in the bowl you are then going to need to take the sharp knife and prick your finger or palm so you draw blood. You’re then going to want to let several drops of your blood flow into the blended Ju Ju powder. As soon as you do so or while doing this chant this spell:

By the spirits of old, those who have wrought understanding and wisdom;

By the blessed Creator and All her love, elegance, and magic;

By my sacred and divine gifts that have been so kindly lent to me;

I call forth the forces of the cosmos, chaos, and creation;

Bless unto me now and into this powder the power to achieve my goals and banish my enemies;

Whether it be protection, purification, finding balance, seeking wisdom or love, and banishing negativity;

Let it be done by my will and my might, let’s be routed through both darkness and light;

So shall it be in the keep of the heavens above;

So shall it be below from the realms beyond laughter and love.

Now you’ve completed making the Ju Ju powder and you have enchanted it with a spell, blend and blend the powder well once more now that you have added your blood and essence into the powder, let it dry and then store in the velvet sachet/bag or small tin. Keep the powder with you always and use it to what ever you need, practically there is an endless number of ways the powder may be used. I use it mostly in several ways one being that when the need arises I take a small pinch of the Ju Ju powder and sprinkle it over a candle flame for whatever purpose I need, I throw a pinch of the powder at front and back of me to guard the path that I walk and keep me from harm. While I appear to be at a negative situation a take a pinch of the powder and scatter or toss it in the source of the negativity (yes even at people if need be). In addition, I use the powder when casting a circle, and scatter it around me and my sacred space; and I also use it for different spells and during ritual/ceremony also.

I hope the powder serves you well and helps you in whatever need you have.

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