Tangled Web Revenge Spell


To compel not just 1 target to tell the truth, but said target’s allies as well.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Drawn picture of spider web, however large you like. Blue or White candle, 6 or 12-inch taper. Truth Oil (several recipes below). Connect to target (image, touch, name/birthdate, whatever you feel necessary) ******************************** TRUTH OIL 1: 3 drops Clary Sage 3 drops Lavender 2 drops Pine 3 drops calamus roots (or use marigold leaves) TRUTH OIL 2: 3 Fragrant Patchouli 3 Fragrant Honeysuckle 1 Drop Sage 1 Drop Balm of Gilead TRUTH OIL 3: 1 teaspoon Sandalwood oil 5 drops Cinnamon oil 5 drops Hibiscus oil Add to: 2 ounces sweet almond oil or grapeseed oil 1/2 Vitamin E capsule (just the powder or liquid, discard the gel cap) Add the oils into a glass jar along with the Vitamin E. Securely fasten the lid, shake vigorously and let sit in bright, warm place. Shake vigorously 2 times each day for 14 days. Strain through cheese cloth if needed and jar. Store in a cool dark place.

Casting Instructions for ‘Tangled Web Revenge Spell’


1. Place connection to target at centre of the spider web and say:

“Little spider, Queen/King of Lies,

Pulling the wool over people’s eyes.

Oh what a tangled web you weave

When you practice to deceive.”

2. Envision the net as the target’s web of lies, and all the people who’ve been pulled into it, whether as knowing accomplices or innocent victims (you need not know who these people actually are). Say:

“Other spiders that came to your help

With you this sordid net have made.

So many caught like flies,

Victim to your vicious lies.”

3. Anoint candle however you prefer.

4. Light candle and say:

“As this light shines thought your deceit,

Your lies the Truth will now defeat.

No matter how hard you all strive,

Your treachery won’t survive.”

5. Take a few moments to control the candle with energy. 6. When ready, take the candle and carefully drip wax around the coil of the web (not the “anchor lines”), starting at the center. Say:

“With this wax your lies are remained.

Confessions of fact will be made.

The light of Truth sets your victims free.

This is my desire, therefore it will be.”

7. Allow candle burn down.

8. Once candle is burned down, dispose of web.

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