Summoning a Sexual Spirit


The ability to predict the existence of sexual spirits, more commonly called succubus/incubus.

You will need the following items for this spell:

writing paper (as much as you need)
a symbol of lust
Sound of sexual activity (not compulsory)
A sexually stimulated mind

Casting Directions for ‘Summoning a Sexual Spirit’

A little background before we begin the instructions, I come from a very occult heavy family, and both my moms are senior witches of the sisterhood I belong in. I learned these arts from a young age and it is still not as easy as a few people will make it to be. This spell won’t work for everybody, IT isn’t a 100% spell, and it’ll take some effort to do it properly.

This charm will work for both males and females, however I only know of 2 instances where it functioned for men. This manual will be more female centric, and many of the measures will show use of the female sexual organs. To start with, this spell is best achieved in a wide space, provide at least 4-5 times your own body dimensions for movement, and there is not any taste to the time, brightness, or volume of people in the space. It is possible to perform it in public at two in the afternoon, if you are not afraid of nudity laws. Get ready your writing paper in front of you, and turn on the sexual sounds in the very beginning of the spell, this is to allow the environment be full of sexual energy.

First step is to focus your mind on sexual thoughts, do this is a position most comfortable to you, fill your head with sexual thoughts and let the desires and dreams fill you with lust. When you’re aroused enough to consider masturbation, start writing on the piece of paper, write the most sexual thing you can think of, a phrase like fuck or orgasm, or even an erotic sentence. After you are done composing, roll it up and insert it in your vagina. If you are male, the 2 instances that worked was
1) the man inserted the paper into his anus
2) the guy held it around his penis
The newspaper should preferably be small, as we want you the spell caster to maintain a comfortable state.

Now, the symbol,token of bliss, it can be a vibrator, a dildo, or even a picture of a person you truly want to fuck, and slowly cover it with sexual fluids (pre-cum) or if you haven’t secreted any fluids, then you can lick it and pay it in saliva (though this has a lower success rate). Take this token and throw it as far away as you can, and say “I want these earthly pleasures, sate my lust ,my lust sated, my bliss be sated”. At this time, the paper that is inside you should feel very hot, or hot, in the event you dropped nothing then it is either a fail or you get a numb pussy. You may feel very excited and have the temptation to pleasure yourself, it’s important to NOT MASTURBATE at this stage. You ought not have ejaculated at any point during these phases, as we want to construct sexual tension.

It’s at this phase that is most difficult for many, with the sexual tension building within you, it isn’t easy to resist touching yourself, most of my fellow sisters and brothers fail at this part and even with months of training will succumb and pleasure themselves. It’s necessary to keep sexual tension high, as now we start the actual portion of the summoning. You must plead, well, and really for the sexual spirits to come. Call with your lustful voice, call for the Mother Lilith for assistance, it is best if you can state Lilith’s Charm,

Hail Lilith full of Lust,
The lord be with you,
Lustful are you amongst women,
and lustful is the fruit of thine womb, lilim
Beautiful Lilith mum of Lilim,
Grant to us now
The fruits of your kids.

This is a perversion of the Catholic Hail Mary, and it is not necessary but its usage has shown higher prospect of success. After persistent calling, you should be able to attain a place where you will stick out your tongue (it should naturally occur), and if leaving your lips will be full of the sweetest taste you’ve ever experienced. And at this stage, you should have summoned the sexual soul. The results are different from person to person, the majority of the time there’s not any physical form to the soul, but the effects are miraculous. There was one of my sisters manage to summon the soul and in an instant started to orgasm for nearly 3 minutes, cleaning the floors was a pain afterwards though. A personal experience is that I began to feel something wiggling in my private parts, and a burst of pleasure erupted from my toes to the end of my hair, I could see the soul’s form at that moment, a gorgeous delicate face, spitting honey onto my tongue as I writhe in pleasure.

This spell can be dangerous, some have even receive serious injuries and end up with permanent ailments. I would advise not to take this ritual lightly and be careful when dabbling in the dark arts. As a motivator, if you fail once, do not be afraid to try again, sometimes persistence may be key to your success. Even I didn’t get it the first time. I wish you all of the luck in your endeavours. Zara Lilith Ehlueh Tuk.

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