Summon a Cat Spell


This spell will work for everybody as long as you think. It will let you summon a cat. This cat will come in a week’s time or a bit longer. You have to find it (look for it) but if you cannot find it, it will eventually find you. This kitty is summoned with magical and will be a real companion who will watch over you and protect you. This cat can also bring you fortune and luck. You’ll get to choose every feature of your cat. Only you will see this cat and nobody can prevent you from having this particular cat. If you no longer want your cat, then I will write a spell to send him/her back to the summoning forces, but your cat would be quite sad and probably die if you shipped it back. You won’t have to supply your cat with any food, it will search for it’s own and fend for itself. It is NOT a pet, don’t believe it to be one. It will live forever, and cannot be hurt by anyone. It will NEVER disobey you or hurt you, that’s 100% guaranteed.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Black ink pen Pencil Crayons or colored pencils Two sheets of paper Determination

Casting Directions for ‘Summon a Cat Spell’

First you’ll have to draw your cat on one sheet of paper with a pencil. Color it with your pencils. You can make your cat look however you like. On the other sheet of paper, write your cat’s information in pen:
Tail span
Fur color
Eye color

Set your cat picture on top of the info paper and fold them both hamburger style twice. Draw a pentagram, and then fold hot dog style once. Hold these newspapers to your chest and say:
Oh, (gods/goddesses of your choice) I call upon thee
Bless me with this familiar cat bound to me. Now for the night that you say the spell, and the following two nights, state the aforementioned and kiss the newspaper, placing it under your pillow before bed. After 3 days you’ll need to start searching for your cat. The longest it may take is a month, but it should take about a week

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