Shielding Techniques


How to make shields

You will need the following items for this spell:

focus and concentration

Casting Instructions for ‘Shielding Techniques’

Because of what we are, we have very little need for shields ourselves. Shields are, by definition, antithetical to our nature. We are always taking energy into ourselves. To close ourselves off from this is to shut ourselves off from what sustains us. Selective protects, or filters, which allow only certain things through, are more useful to us by far.

Our best defense against energy intended to do us harm is simply to fall back upon our fundamental nature. It is our nature to devour, and so we merely take it all in, good energy, bad energy, tendrils, missiles, all of it. While we seldom gain any actual benefit from accepting such energies in, neither are we hurt by them.

If you’re attacked by something, grab onto it on the subtle level and pull it into yourself. Break it down into neutral energy as you would process anything else. Though in general the assimilation of energy is an unconscious process, in cases of attack, you might actually have to concentrate on the procedure. Just will the power to break down. Purge it of any specific charges or intents and make it a part of you. You could also purge it, process it, then throw it back in the way it came as a response to whoever attacked you.

If such an attack is clearly being directed by another, follow the attack to its source as you’d travel down one of your own tendrils. Then reverse the assault and drain through your enemy’s link to you. The attacker will usually be so surprised by this answer as to cut the attack off immediately.

The majority of the awakened consciously or unconsciously put up shields to be able to guard against a myriad of psychic attacks. Shields, since they’re constructed of energy, can be emptied into non-existence by those of our kind. The energy may not be something that we can process or make use of, but it’s energy nonetheless and therefore not proof against our manipulations

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