Study/ essay writing/ test taking Chance


It allows you to do well on tests or anything academic really.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Can be pipe cleaners, or yarn or cord -one red -one orange -one yellowish -one green -one light blue -one purple -one pink -one white -one black

Casting Instructions for ‘Study/ article writing/ test taking luck’

Get your yarn(can be pipe cleaners or chord, but for the sake of the spell I am going to use yarn) lined up in front of you and pick up the color yarn at the time you say the colour and twist or tie it to the others already said

Oh, (name of deity),
Hear my plea,
I put these colors together
White for truth and peace,
Red for the diving force, courage and fast action,
Light Blue for understanding and the wisdom,
Green for success and luck Too,
Yellow for the intelligence, learning and creativity,
Pink to make it go down it peace,
Purple to unlock my hidden knowledge, ability, and ambition,
Orange to help me adapt to anything that comes my way,
And black to bind it all together (at this time you wrap the black yarn around others like a bundle)
By the power of three,
So mote it be

Then you can begin your studying or whatever you’re doing this to help you with. Ensure that you keep your bundle next to you when you are doing this, or it won’t work. When you are finished with the spell, be sure to thank the deity you used above for their help so that they will continue to assist you in the long run. Thanks so much for reading this, please inform me if this works for you. It did for me but I want to know your experiences with it.

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