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Someone with no magical ability said that they’d gotten two people to fall in love through a similar process, and I decided to refine it and make a spell. Please email me about your experiences. This charm has worked for me and will work for you if you follow all the instructions.
IMPORTANT: nobody can know about the spell. not your favorite stuffed animal. Not a person you met on the subway. Not me (unless it’s finished). And especially not your friend. Do not even hint to them that they will have good fortune.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Needle thread luck charm (read spell for charm requirements) buddy who you wish to give luck to (must be friend or friend, no one else) occasion where friend will need luck clothing that buddy hasn’t been worn and will wear to occasion small amount of friend’s bodily fluids (see spell for requirements) ground-up ice or natural snow material which will allow you to hold allure without touching it airtight metal container need for your friend to have fortune belief

Casting Directions for ‘luck spell for a friend’

part one:

1. Choose a charm, based on the sort of luck you want your friend to have. By way of instance, if they are going to prom and you would like them to have luck with their crush, you may opt for a heart shaped charm. If you would like to provide your friend general luck, a charm that doesn’t suggest any specific sort of luck would work nicely. The charm ought to be man-made, rather than made or used by you or anyone that has a link to your friend.
2. clean it thoroughly. Inspect it for stains, chips and broken bits. If it has any imperfections which aren’t part of the design, find another charm. When you’re finished cleaning it, set it aside. Use the bit of plastic or cloth and do not let it touch your skin. Also clean out the container.
3. Fill the container halfway with the ice or snow. Keeping the charm from the piece of fabric, hold it up to the window (you must do this part of the spell inside, during the day) so that it catches the light. Have it in the sunlight and state:

Charm of prosperity,
existing in artificiality
I release thee
to the mysteries untold

4. Drop the charm into the container and fill it the rest of the way with snow or ice. Set the lid on. Leave the container out, completely buried in snow, as far way from any plants, dirt or animal houses as possible. Another option if you don’t have snow would be to bury it in ice in a clean, empty cooler. In case you need to, you can put it in the freezer and make sure that it doesn’t touch any food.

part two:

1. Bring the container inside. Hold it by the lid and bring it to a dark place. There should be no light, natural or artificial. Using the tongs, dig until you’ve found the charm.
2. dry the charm. say:

Charm of prosperity,
existing in death
Take up the spirit of
[friend’s name] And assist her/him in [whatever you want your buddy to have – love, wealth etc]

3. Put a very small quantity of the bodily fluids on the back of the charm. If you can not get a fluid specific to the luck, just use whatever you’ve got.

bile, vomit, pus – health
Sweat – accomplishment and desirable outcome of something your friend has worked hard on
Tears – resolution of something which has caused your buddy grief or suffering
menstrual blood, placenta, breast milk – fertility
Sexual fluids – sexual or romantic love
Spit – fame, honor, excellence, wealth
Blood – general luck, multiple, other

You are able to touch the fluids but remember not to touch the actual charm. leave it, wet side up, until the fluids have dried or congealed.

4. Find a folded and sewn over a part from the clothes, such as a cuff or hem. Pull out the stitching in the smallest, least damaging way you can, so that there’s a place the charm can fit into. Slide the charm and sew it up neatly.

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