Strong Spiritual Healing


A Variant of spiritual healing that I made

You will need the following items for this spell:

2 healing crystals (optional)

Casting Instructions for ‘Strong Spiritual Healing’

Buy 1 or 2 healing crystals either of them distinct if possible then cleanse them. Sit on a sofa of some type and clear your mind and calm your self down then tell yourself that you’re grounding. Red roots starting digging themselves into the ground down to the earths core and grasping over your legs. Do this for about five minutes or so long as you need then request protection while healing. Imagine black energy leaving all your body then focus on bringing white beams into yourself and imagine yourself with a white outline (aura) surrounding your body Now imagine all that white energy circling and shining around your entire body then try to bring in the dark energy. Try to change its color by bringing it into yourself and imagine it changing white as it merges with your white energy circle. Now finally ask for protection as much as possible until you feel like youve done it. Let the individual sleep and treat them. For those who have a cleansed recovery crystal put it on their bladder area. If you have 2 then place the other on the third eye chakra or anywhere else. Try to be as calm as you can and relaxed when recovery Put your hands over them and let your energy slowly flow out of your hands then move your hands around there body but whenever moving to a different section of the body (upper part, middle section bottom section etc)just focus on each part to get a few a minutes and keep doing that for 10-20 minutes but if you cant do that much then do 5-10 minutes and if your recovery send healing thoughts to that person

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