Healing Spiritual Illness


A ritual which heals your illnesses

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Casting Instructions for ‘Healing Spiritual Illness’

A religious illness can be felt in a number of ways. There may be a sense of being completely drained, usually a result of depression (which can be an illness of the spirit and of the brain), there might be addictions, there might be a string of bad luck, poor social relationships etc.. Spiritual illness may also produce physical illness.If it is you that is suffering from this illness, cast a crcle and tien visualize white light streaming from above into you. You need to be able to feel this light like a wave of love. It is The Goddess’ love and of the spirits of your ancestors and guardians that you take with you. Concentrate on realizing that you’re a Star of God sent into this world for spiritual experience and that the difficulties you are having are only temporary and are a essential part of your journey to spiritual enlightenment.Incantation:Great Goddess and all you spirits of love that surround me, bring me blessings.Be with me today and forever.If this recovery is for someone else, you will of course need to persuade them to participate in this-if the person is a big cynic, this may be a difficult job, so perhaps one of the other healing spells would be a better choice. But if the man or woman is into it, cast a circle, then visualize white light flowing throughout your body, into your head, and from above. Then lay your hands (that will probably have a slight to moderate tingling sensation) on the person and send the energy flowing into them.Incantation:You are full of the white light of The God/dess. You’re a Star of God.You are surrounded by loving spirits.Great God/dess and all you spirits of love that surround (person’s name), bring him/her blessings.Be with him/her, now and forever.h

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