Spell For Attracting Potential Romantic Connections


Need a Spell For Attracting Potential Romantic Connections?

I am going to introduce you not only a spell for this but also a spell to continue relationships after they have been established.  After all, there really is no sense in creating amazing connections if you are not willing to work and keep a solid relationship going after you have made your choice, is there?

This simple spell will put a strong force of Magick Energy to work for you, even while you sleep. Your belief, desire, and focus will be set to work to affect your fate– bringing potential romantic connections to you one after another, till a connection is made.

It is a very simple wiccan spell, but …

Do not let it’s simpleness fool you– it works incredibly well as long as you identify with all of the methods I have revealed you previously in this book.

Initially, naturally, prepare your external sacred space, and cast your Magick circle, your altar. Then …

On a Thursday during a waxing Moon, in the first hour after sundown:

Light a purple candle, light and place it before a bowl of water.

Hold a mirror close to the candle, the water, and after that, to your face. Look into your own eyes. Focus on your beauty, your lovability, and your desirability.

Hold the mirror close to the candle once again.

Say Aloud:
” In the grace of the universe
And in the abundance of love,
I affirm I am considerably desirable
And open to the bounty of love around me.
The flow of love, love, and collaboration is ever plentiful,
And in line with the higher great, I develop and attract love.”

With your fingers, put water on the top of your head, in your mouth, and on your heart center. Burn out the candles.

If all goes well, you will have so many Potential Romantic Connections, that you will be hard pressed to choose.

Spell For A Long & Happy Relationship

When you have actually found someone unique, someone you are falling in love with– this spell will increase the bond between you and that individual.

It does not “force” the bond, however rather magnifies each of your excellent qualities so that the other can see them more easily. When everything great about you is magnified, the other person naturally grows a growing number of keen on you.

First, naturally, prepare your external spiritual area, and cast your Magick circle your altar. Then …

On a Friday throughout the third hour of darkness:

Location a potted cyclamen in the room, and water the plant.

Light 3 candle lights: deep red purple, and white.

State Aloud: “I ask the goddess Branwen to bestow
Real love on my union with (insert name).”.

Breathe your love into your heart. Place the red candle in front of the other candle lights.

” I ask that this be done for the higher excellent/.
So be it.
Therefore it is.”.

Gaze at the flames in each candle light, and when you are prepared, blow them out.

Love Magick Summary.

Whether it be for Potential Romantic Connections or simply to have a long and happy relkationship, keep in mind that it is necessary for you to be grounded in the basics of Magick and Witchcraft prior to you attempt any major Love Magicks. Because desire and emotion are connected so highly to Love, the spells can have some unpredictable results if you haven’t practiced the fundamental secrets of real Witchcraft.

And please keep in mind the Witchcraft ethics and obligations. Hesitate prior to EVER casting a spell to affect somebody’s totally free will. It actually can return to haunt you later on in life (in the form of disappointed relationships, bad “karma” and other unpredictable things).

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