Sinful Delight


This spell is used to summon Jubali into your fantasies and ask that he give you his worldly pleasures. Jubali will submit to you, all his worldly delights in a sinful dream of a sexual nature. This dream will involve the God of Temptation in some form or another as he submits to your wildest sexual fantasies. This will create one dream where Jubali will provide you lots of hot, steaming sex where your soul is damned. The sins committed here are real and thus damning.
This spell can lead to an astral rape in which you may experience a change in character. The memories of this event can be retrieved with hypnosis, but Jubali should be avoided after this occurs. In the event of an astral rape by Juabli, one should use protection rituals and meditation to stop additional encounters.

You will need the following items for this spell:

1 wooden altar 1 star bowl 10 Azahran’s Awakenings 6 little red candles 2 large red candles 1 black or white chalk

Casting Directions for ‘Sinful Delight’

(1) Place the altar facing magnetic north. Have the altar bowl at the center with two large red candles behind the altar bowl. Draw a six point star with the chalk large enough to sit at the centre with the altar at the north point. Place a red candle at every point. Light all of the candles in whatever order suits you sit at the center. Sit and relax your body. Allow the thoughts in your mind go without paying attention to them.
(2) Open your third eye to see your guides.
(3) Visualize a radiant white light when chanting the next line.
(4) Burn an offering once you call each name.
(5) Burn an offering after this line.
(6) Open yourself to Jubali and imagine he comes into your life and fills the night with the best sexual pleasures you can imagine. As soon as you complete this portion of the incantation you put out the candles in the points of the star and leave the candles on the altar burning through the night. With this done you break the ring, so Jubali’s power has access to you as you dream. If there are no signs of a sexual experience or memories of a sex fantasy, you should repeat the charm until you have memories of your night of enjoyment.
(7) Do not finish the spell till you have a sexual fantasy, wake up with sexual fluids on or in you or desire to prevent any concealed experiences with this demon. Burn the previous offering.

(1) Hear my thoughts and answer me Puthadian Gods. With the candles to light my path, I request you to direct them. The candles are my guides and their flames are their swords to protect me on my trip. Almighty Puthadian Gods come and listen to me!
(2) The candles light my path and I request you to guide them. The candles are my guides and you direct them.
(3) Puthadian Gods, guide me to the light.
(4) Rekale, Goddess of Dreams, I invoke thee.
Jubali, God of Temptation, I invoke thee.
Fovita, God of Sexual Pleasure, I invoke thee.
Toko, God of Time, I invoke thee.
Shana, Goddess of Peace, I invoke thee.
Tivanuf, God of the Majestic, I invoke thee.
Tosha, Goddess of the Righteous One, I invoke thee.
Juda, God of Wine, I invoke thee.
(5) I ask of you these favors to make this journey safe and joyous in your sacred names, accept this offering of Prophecy pages?
(6) Come in my dreams and give me the greatest pleasures of all. I need only to be your Joy Fire for the night of my dream and be with you. There is no other love in my entire life than you who are the God of Temptation. Give me onto your pleasures and let your juices flow. I want to be with a god tonight and I choose you Jubali of all the gods of pleasure. There can be no other to give me the joys of my dream. Make me dream of wild abandon in your Temple of Temptation. I shall delight in the immortal sin and desire greatly to mark my body with your love in sinful delight.
(7) Hail most sinful Jubali.
I now have to get done for this time and release you from the bonds I placed around the circle. We are now able to end this session and return to our worlds until next we meet.

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