Separation Spell


This spell is to separate yourself from a bad connection.

You may need the following items for this spell:

1 black stone
1 body of water (optional)

Casting Instructions for ‘Separation Spell’

This charm includes words to be said. You can either use my words or make up something like your own that’s appropriate to the connection you want to finish. Israfels words

From now until the end of times, let us go our separate ways. I wish no harm to come to s/he that loves and needs to be with me. I need him/her well I want him/her fine, I just dont want him/her to be mine.

PS: Please use EITHER him OR her and EITHER he OR she. The meter of this chant just doesnt work if you dont choose one or another.

Now you take the stone with you to somewhere peaceful outside where you will be bothered. If theres a body of water (river, lake, stream, ocean whatever) nearby, try to find a place near it. If not somewhere in the forests is fine. Without being discovered/disturbed really anywhere you can be.

For this spell it is important that you could be outside. If you reside in a big city, try to discover a park or something. Walk around until you find the right place (only you will know where that is when you find it, listen to your intuition).

Sit down, center and ground yourself. Ensure you are well centered and grounded but for this spell it is in fact best if you keep unshielded. You’re attempting to purge yourself of something and if you have shields up some may not get out. As soon as you feel centered, grounded and at peace in this area, take the stone in your right hand. Put the stone in the palm of the right hand and concentrate on how you feel about the one you would like to terminate the relationship with. Focus on every little detail. Picture every detail of your feelings for them.Spend a few minutes getting the entire feeling very clear on your heart.

Now chant the charm 9 times while picturing all those feelings being channeled into the stone. The first 3 times you chant the spell, say it in a whisper. Each time you should be focusing all your attention on the meaning of the words and pouring all your feelings for the person into the stone. The second three times you should say it in a soft voice, louder than the first three. As you say it the next three times, you should be able to see all of your pain and love and infatuation and feelings for that individual flowing to the stone. Picture it filling up together, it is a vessel for everything you are leaving behind. The third and final three times you should say it in a louder voice than the second. You dont have to shout but use a firm voice. As you say the last 3 iterations, you should be feeling the last remnants of what you feel for them flowing to the stone. Picture it ebbing away into nothingness.

When you are finished with the 9th repetition, you should be able to feel an empty place inside yourself where the atmosphere used to be. The empty place will feel sad and hollow for a while, but it wont be as painful as the love/infatuation you have now. Give this charm at least a month for complete results. Bad relationships are painful, some would say they hurt more than a broken leg. Magic cant cure a broken leg in a few days, theres no reason to believe it would cure heartache in a couple of days either.

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