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Casting Directions for ‘Sensing the energy’

-Place your hands out in front of you, slightly less than a foot apart, with palms flat and facing each other, fingers together. Call in the energy, as you learned to do in the exercise over (to sensitize your palms). Turn one hand, and then bend the wrist so the hands of the hand points towards you, along with the fingertips of the hand point towards the open palm of the other hand, and “sweep” these fingers across the open palm gradually, with finger-tips about three or four inches away in the opposite palm. Try one finger, or even a few. What sensation do you feel in your other hand as you do that? Consider sweeping the fingertips across the palm in different positions. The feeling will be subtle. You’re sensing the energy field emanating from your fingertips as it sweeps across the flip side. Repeat this exercise a few times a day to become accustomed to sensing the aura energy. It may take a little practice.

After you have begun to feel the energy field emanating from your fingertips, through practicing this exercise, it is time to try sensing the energy field of another person using a technique referred to as the Passing of Hands:

-Have your patient lie flat on the treatment table, arms at sides. Now, call at the energy as you’ve learned to perform (to sensitize your hands), and start to scan the body of your subject, using the palm of one hand at a time. Use your right hand (if you are right-handed or left handed)–the ideal hand is “dominant” in many people. Hold your hands level, with fingers spread slightly, like resting). Begin at the top of the head, and as you scan, move your open hands gradually, about 4 or 5 inches above the skin surface of your patient. Move downwards, scanning the entire body, to the patient’s feet. Pay special attention to each chakra location, and also the abdominal area. Do not move your hands too fast–2 to 3 inches per second is the ideal speed. “Forget yourself” while you do this, and instead open yourself to any feeling that may form in your hand as you do this. Just be open to any feeling

which comes. What do you believe? Are there certain areas of the body over which you feel a thing–a subtle feeling in your hands? Examine the whole front of the body this manner, from head to toe. Can you feel anything around the area of the chakras? Are there other regions of the body over which you feel something, and if so, what impressions are you getting as you do so? It’s easiest to work with one hand, in the beginning, but after you’ve begun to feel the energy field attempt the other hand, also. Use only one hand at a time, while studying.

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