For solitary witches.

You may need the following items for this Self-Initiation spell:

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Casting Directions for ‘Self-Initiation

This is not always practical or possible, although some would say just a Witch can make a Witch. Those who would like worship the Goddess and God and to enter the Craft ought to be excluded due to geographic or spiritual isolation.

This Self-Initiation ritual must be preformed alone, on a night when the moon is full. If inside, the room should be clear of distractions. If outdoors, a private locationof distractions is desired.

It is best to work sky-clad. Then a robe or gown would be best, if this is not practical.

Set up an altar. This might be a small table or some other thing. You will need a bowl of water, and a little bowl of salt. Some incense in a censer, or incense sticks in a holder. Two altar candles, and candles for the four cardinal points. Establish your altar facing North. A pentacle of a form should be placed on the altar, even one printed or drawn on a sheet of paper will suffice. Light the candles and the incense. If indoors, switch the lights off.

Preform an opening ritual (Casting a circle). Rather than an Athame, use the forefinger of your right hand. When drawing on the Circle, do not leave an opening / gateway into the north-east.

Once the circle is ready, kneel before the altar. At this time, take some time to meditate about the course on which you’re about to embark. As you prepare to dedicate yourself use this time for prayer and contemplation.

When you feel ready, say the following aloud.

I, [your name] do vow to learn secrets and the ways of the Craft, to use this knowledge in truth and honesty, and not to cause pain, nor for personal gain.

I, [your name] do vow to honor the Goddess and the God, and to honor my fellow Witches.

This I do pledge before the Gentle Goddess [Goddess title here], the Powerful God [God name here], in witness thereof, under the moon, before the altar, and within this Circle.

Proceed to kneel facing say, and the Eastern Watchtower:

Ye lords of the Watchtowers of the lords of Air as well as witness, do I pledge to become a Witch.

Proceed to kneel facing the Southern Watchtower, and state:

Ye lords in your opinion, of the Watchtowers of the lords of Fire, do I vow to become a Witch.

Proceed to kneel facing the Western Watchtower and state:

Ye lords of the Watchtowers of the Ye lords of Water, Lords of Death and Initiation and as ye witness, do I pledge to become a Witch.

Finally move back to kneel before the altar and say:

Ye lords of the Watchtowers of the North, Ye lords of Earth, Boreas, thou protector of the Northern Portal, thou Powerful God, thou Gentle Goddess, in your presence as well as witness do I pledge to become a Witch.

Using the dedicated water along with your fingertip, anoint yourself in the following sequence: Forehead. Then right trendy second. Left shoulder third. Right shoulder fourth. Left hip fifth. Then finally the forehead again.

As you are anointing yourself in this way (essentially creating an Invoking Pentagram on your own), speak aloud the following words:

Gentle Goddess [name], Great God [name] thee in this Circle, myself is now called by me, [your name], a Witch, a follower of the Old ways, and a worshipper in Your Names.

If you desire, you may preform a consecration of some piece of jewelry that is personal, to be worn for the next lunar month. No works should be preformed at this moment.

After prayer or meditation, preform the Final Ritual, again with your forefinger instead of an Athame, and blow the candles out. The initiation is ended.

Take some time during the next month to further reflect upon the path you’ve begun, Read the book, and be attentive to the ways of the natural world. Upon the full moon, you might begin your job as a lion, preparing and consecrating any tools you have made or acquired.

May this Self-Initiation go well for you. When you have any questions don’t hesitate to message us!!

Blessed be !!

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