Salt Salt Water Spiritual Remedy — For Eliminating Negative Energy


Ghosts from the subtle (spiritual) realm leave black energy on a majority of beings such as humans that could create a variety of problems such as depression, unclear thinking or malfunction of an organ which lead to even further difficulties such as addiction, financial problems or chest pain respectively.
It is difficult to get rid of this black energy except via a generalised spiritual remedy such as spiritual practice or a more specific one like the salt water treatment.
This spell, if done properly, will alleviate the caster of lethargy, reduction of promptness, the inability to think, excessive thinking (particularly negative thinking); anger, anxiety, physical illness, and far more. A recommendation for anyone.
The salt water treatment is a simple but effective spiritual remedy to counteract the damaging unseen black electricity and drain it from our system. By doing this, we don’t squander our religious practice in counteracting black energy. Instead it can be used to bring about our spiritual growth.

This spell was borrowed from the Spiritual Research Foundation’s site and I thank the website for producing this method.)

You may need the following items for this spell:

1 large bucket
Water filled in the bucket (up to 50 percent) to cover the ankles Once the feet are immersed in the bucket
Rock salt (though table salt or sea salt can be used at the cost of less efficacy)
1 towel
1 foot mat

Casting Directions for ‘Salt Salt Water Spiritual Remedy — For Removing Negative Energy’


Fill a bucket (up to 50%) with water so as to cover the ankles. Add 2 tablespoons of rock salt.

Pray to God sincerely and with faith to remove the black power in you. Also pray specifically for destroying the black power of the ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies, etc.) affecting you. Prayer is an important ingredient that enhances the efficacy of this remedy.

The remedy

Sit upright with your feet immersed in the salt water. Maintain a distance of at least 2-3 cms between the feet. This aids in the maximum discharge of black energy. If the feet touch each other, then there is barrier to the discharge of black energy throughout the feet.

Maintain the feet in the salt water for 10 — 15 minutes.

While the feet are immersed, chant the Name of God according to your faith.

On completion

After the completion of this remedy give gratitude to God and beg for the creation of a protective sheath around you.

Then throw the salt water from the toilet and wash the bucket with fresh water.

Chant the Name of God according to your faith for 2-3 minutes.

In cases of severe distress, the salt water treatment can be repeated 2-3 times one day at 2-3 hour intervals to get better outcomes.

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