Ritual of Immortality


Warning this is a really dangerous ritual and has a chance of killer you. You do this at your own risk.

You may need the following items for this spell:

Hellsbore flower
Blood of something innocent and pure
A black candle
2 red candles
2 white candles
Holy water
Spider toxin
A chalice
6 magic users
A sterile knife
A milder or fire spell

Casting Instructions for ‘Ritual of Immortality’

Get out on a blood moon at draw a pentagram with the point of it south employing the blood. Put a black candle on the south point red candles on the east and west points and white candles on the northern points.

Have one magical person at every stage in order of purity (currupt bottom neutral middle, east and west and pure north) with each of them using a chalice filled the potion made with the herbs (in another section). Light the candles and go back to your spot. Say this incantation in unison with all the other people As the blood moon rises, we call upon the unholy creatures of the night and princes of the underworld. We call upon you Satan and offer this in return of making us immortal we will serve you and all unholy creatures for eternity and guarantee to bring you an innocent soul each month before the end of time!

Cut your palm with the dagger and drain the blood into the chalice until its half full (be warned you need to do this with no hesitance or regret or it goes badly and this applies to all in the ritual.

Thoroughly combine every ones blood by pouring each others blood in the chalices. Drink the mix and wait 7 days if you die you arent powerful enough for it if you survive you’re now immortal and a vampire and resistant to sun, for as long as you offer innocent souls to Satan every month (or year if you collect them all at exactly the exact same time).

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