Healing Ritual


A Qabalistic based healing ritual to assist those that are ill. You should be familiar with the Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram, the Way to invoke the element of Air and the Adoration of the Lord of the Universe.

You will need the following items for this spell:

White candle for altar
Green candle for healing
Frankincense or other Air incense

Casting Directions for ‘Healing Ritual’

(All Hebrew names and phrases in bold ought to be vibrated.)


Light incense.

I, (your name), do with the Divine Permission, perform this ritual for the purpose of helping and healing (title of person to be treated).

Invoke Air.

In the Divine Name YHVH, I invoke thee, o great archangel Raphael, ye who are the Divine Physician. O great healer, who’s called Mercury and Hermes, be here now. I call upon thee and I invoke thee. O Healer of God, send thy angels the Chassan to aid in this work. Lend thine aid and energy into the healing and helping of (name of person to be treated). Send thy angels and give thy power to cure him emotionally and physically.

Knock at four times upon the altar.

Take the incense and make the Rose Cross. Yehushuah.

I light this candle that it may be the focus of True Light for the purpose of helping and healing (title of person to be healed).

Light Candle. Take up incense and make the Rose Cross. Yehushuah.

Channel that the Divine Light with the Enterer Sign three times. Give the Sign of Silence. Visualize the Divine energy moving to the receiver.

O flame of Light bright and green. By the power of sacred healing and the Divine name YHVH, go to (name of person to be treated). In perfections fire now sealing. And so it is desired, so will it be.

Adoration of the Universe of the Lord.

Let candle and incense burn for 10 minutes.

I thank thee Raphael, O Healer of God, for your time and energy lent to my origin. I thank you for your presence and that I give thee leave to leave. May there be peace between thee and I.

LBRP. Close the temple.

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