Release Your Anger


When you’re feeling angry, cast this and you shall no longer feel it.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Anger Lucky Charmone Black Candle Focus a Voice

Casting Instructions for ‘Release Your Anger’

Hold the lucky charm on your left hand and clench a fist with right. Chant 9 times:

Anger inside me, let me be.

Whilst saying this picture pushing your anger into your lucky charm. If you wish to state the chant for more, please feel free.
Then, release the hold on your lucky charm and launch your fist. Place your charm infront of the candle and hold the candle with your left hand whilst lighting it with your right. Then sit with the candle and charm infront of you and close your eyes. Breathe deeply until you feel relaxed. With your eyes closed state:

With this candle, with this charm.
I cast this spell and none it shall harm.
With the element of passion, I banish thee.
Hear me anger, set me free.

Whilst saying this picture the anger being pushed from your charm and to the fire.
NOTE: If you do not do this the anger will remain inside of your charm and it will no longer protect you. This step is quite important.
Then, grab the candle with your right hand, step outside and say:

So mote it be.

Blow the candle out and go to sleep with your lucky charm under your pillow.

NOTE: If you don’t have a lucky charm or your charm was disposed of or lost, I propose my Create A Lucky Charm spell under the enchanting spells section. Also this spell will not make you happy, it will just rid you of anger.

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