Enemy and curse till you see fit. Only for punishing people who have done you wrong not for get back at an ex.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Moonlit room
Coarse dirty ripped black cloth
4 black candles
Wooden box
Small flat stone
Straw or taper
Bitter weeds
Match or lighter

Casting Directions for ‘Punishment’

In a moonlit room, place a coarse dark cloth (one that’s dirty and torn) over a desk. 1. At each of the four corners place unlit candles that are black. 2. In the center place an open box made from wood. 3. On a tiny flat stone, write the persons name in reverse. 4. Spit on the stone with the name and place into the box. 5. Light all four candles with taper or a burning straw. When all is read, place a couple of bitter weeds and repair the curse with these words: This thou shalt be turned into a stone, And that all thy wits shall be turned back, And over thy face the loathsomeness shall creep, And as in a coffin thy limbs shall be bound, Ans that light shall be withheld from thine eyes, And that thy house ad lands shall be spoiled, And that nourishment shall tast to they tongue as wormwood, And that thou shat be eld alien from thy fellow man, And that these things shall be so untilI release thee, I sreae this table and mark this ston, And spit upon itand hide it, And light these candles and apply these poisons, And mend this curse uponm thee, In the names of the four fires, Whose names are RIL YUT, SAR, and LOD, Who will consume thee as they’re consumed.

***You have to remain watching the candles until they’ve burned out. Then these things need to be removed BUT the sotne needs to be buried close to your house until you withdraw the curse.

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