Punish a Lover


All’s fair in love and war. If your lover treated you poorly, then broke up with you, use this spell to receive your revenge. This spell is specifically for women to throw on guys, but you can substitute the ingredients where appropriate for any sex you like.

You will need the following items for this spell:

2 black candles
1 phallic red candle
dragon’s blood incense
1 rose with thorns
Nails, screws, thumbtacks, safety pins, and other pointy objects
A personal ownership from the goal
An inverted pentagram
A small trash bag

Casting Instructions for ‘Punish a Lover for Leaving You’

Carve the name of your goal on the phallic red candle. Cast your magic circle. It must contain an inverted pentagram with the soul point facing south. Light the incense. Place the two black candles on the flame and water points of your pentagram. Holding the bottom with your garbage bag, light the phallic red candle and use it to light the two other candles; be sure to do so in a counter-clockwise (right to left) rotation. Then, place the red candle across from you on the opposite side of the circle, with the title of your goal facing you. Smooth the trash bag over the center of your pentagram. Pass the personal possession from your goal through the incense smoke, then chuck it cavalierly into the trash bag. Hold the rose by its stem over the fire from your candle, allowing it to color as it burns without lighting on fire. As you do, visualize your former lover experiencing an agonizing burning sensation in their genitals. Then, cut the rose into three bits, leaving the petals attached to a single piece, and throw them one by one to the garbage bag with their private possession. As you do, recite the following incantation: Red rose, red rose, with thorns so thick, Cut, slice, graze and penis As I’ve cried, now so shall they Make joy they feel now turn to pain Let them suffer this horrible fate Pray that their apology does not come late For if they do not pay their dues They will find themselves broken beyond any usage Close your magical circle. Snuff out your candles in a counter-clockwise rotation. Set the candle remainders in the trash with the remaining reagents. Tie the bag closed and dispose of it in a crude place, like a dumpster or a sewer drain, to literally and metaphorically say good riddance to bad garbage. Anticipate the spell to take effect within a week. The spell’s effects usually last between three days and a complete lunar cycle, based on the strength of your hatred for the victim.

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