Prayer for the Satanic Leader. Satanic Prayer


Prayer for the Satanic Leader

You will need the following items for this spell:


Casting Directions for ‘Prayer for the Satanic Leader. Satanic Prayer’

Say 1X:

Lord Satan
Mighty One
Wisdom Incarnate, Speaker of Knowledge
I ask that you bestow your blessings on the leaders of the Satanic Community
Guide us, so we will serve you in the ways that you desire
Give us strength, to keep us going when things get tough
Bestow upon us wisdom, so we will know what to do in all situations
Inspire us to encourage one another, rather than tear each other down
So We’ll use our words to bless rather than curse
Yet push us to stand tall when we face things that are Incorrect
To fight if we have to, yet strive for peace
Help us, Father, to be there for your children-both the adept and the new
To guide them in learning what you have for them
To encourage them not to follow anyone but you and to find their own path
Let us not forget what it was like when we first came to you
The way you were gentle, patient and kind

To love as you love, teach as you instruct
We’re happy to be your servant; disclose to us the hidden things
Try us ; therefore we might be worthy of your affairs which you put in our hands
Bestow on us your covenant as we hope in you
Let us receive your counsel, not acting unless it is your will
It is an honor to serve you, Lord Satan
Thank you
May our lives be dedicated to you; may we be a reflection of who you are to the world
Watch over us and bless your people
Lord and Mighty Satan, can it be done according to your will

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