Powerful Love Spell or Charm


A potent, strong and satisfying love charm love.

You may need the following items for this spell:

An image of the person
4 candles to represent West, South, East and North
Sweet smelling incent
Pink Candle
Rose Petals
Ground Cinnamon
Olive Oil
Quartz of the colour pink
Pink colored pen or marker

Casting Directions for ‘Powerful Love Spell’

Go outside and gather a few rose petals, bring them in-side your house, and wash the petals thoroughly. Begin a hot bath, place while you’re relaxing, and the rose petals get in, focus on the person whom you would like to obtain love from. Dress in all if possible once you get out and gather the equipment listed if you havent already. Now spend a minumum of one hour in meditation to keep your ideas from scattering. Now gather a handful of cinnamon and imagine you are drawing energy from the earth up and infusing the cinnamon with the earth’s energy. While doing this, chant:

Cinnamon mighty herb of lust, I call upon you, into you I place my trust, To bring (First name Last name) to me now Love and bliss is your vow.

Say as many times as you require. Set the cinnamon aside, and anoint the candle. 1 hand on the top of the candle and the other at the bottom, and in a circular motion, move inwards, The sufferer to do what you wish while chanting and while doing so picture yourself:

(First and Last name) coming to me now.

After the candle is saturated in the oil, then roll the candle at the cinnamon, and put the candle. Cast circle, call light incense, quarters, and call God and the Goddess into the circle. Then, with the writing utensil take the photo, and write your name and the persons name on the back of the picture, and draw a heart abound the two names. Close your eyes, and picture the victim and you to be doing what you wish and chant.

(first name, Last name) come to me, fulfill my desire, lust and love between you and I, love is what I seek from you, the limit is the sky, So mote it be!

Kiss the photo 3 times and set it aside, then take the pink quartz and press it firmly between your brow (wherever your third eye is) and start you and your lover to do everything you want while you chant as fast as you can:

(First name, Last name) I beg of you come to me, as I will, SO MOTE IT BE!

Chant this as fast as you can until you feel. Kiss the pink quartz 3 times. The Gods, launch the quarters, take down circle. Set the desired person on your pillowcase’s picture, and let the quarts be exposed to the light of the full moon for the night’s rest. (THIS IS A MUST!) On the next day, give the quartz into the person whom you love. If you dont want to give away your quartz, keep it on you for another 3 weeks. Along with your spell will come true.

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