Horoscopes for Wednesday, February 28, 2018


Is Today Your Birthday?

Your options for the coming year are truly amazing – the only danger is that you will have so many choices that you cannot decide what to go after first. What is it that inspires you the most? Make that your aim and pursue it relentlessly.


Cosmic activity in the financial area of your chart means that money matters will take center stage today and if you are going to make ends meet you will have to get a bit more creative with handling your cash. Earn more and spend less.


Forget about the past, it is over and done with and no longer matters. As Pisces is such a sensitive sign you have a tendency to dwell on things that were said and done that you now regret. There’s no point. Let it go. Live only for today.


What happens today may catch you by surprise but you won’t just stand there perplexed, you will react like lightning and turn the situation to your advantage. Whatever changes take place, make sure you are the one to benefit from them.


You can, if you wish, tell others what they want to hear but it won’t do them any good. Be truthful and call it as you see it today, even if you see it from the opposite point of view to everyone else. They will thank you for it one day.


It’s not all about winning and losing Gemini – it’s also about how you play the game. Whatever contest or competition or challenge you find yourself involved in today it’s not a case of all or nothing. Sportsmanship is more important than success.


The urge to travel will be strong today but don’t take foolish risks. You’re not the only one who will be moving at top speed, so keep your eyes and ears open because collisions are likely. Know when it’s prudent to slow down!


It may not be in your nature to be cautious but the planets warn you must take care with your money over the next few days. It may be tempting to go on a spree but if you do you could be paying off debts for months to come.


You may think that others are trying to make life difficult for you but ultimately you can only make life difficult for yourself. Simply ignore what they say and do and follow your own path come what may. What can they do to stop you?


You may not know if a project you recently got involved with is going to work out in your favor but stick with it anyway. Like most things in life it pays to go all the way once you have started. Follow your instincts to the very end.


If someone you have feelings for wants to go their own way and do their own thing not only should you let them but you must encourage them too. Chances are they’ll do okay. And if they don’t? Then they will learn something useful from the experience.


Are you any closer to reaching the targets you set for yourself late last year? If the answer is Yes, carry on. If the answer is No, carry on too. Sagittarius can be an impatient sign and the planets say you have given it nowhere near enough time yet.


Your expectations are extremely high at the moment. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Almost certainly it’s good as your commitment to perfection is sure to be noted by people in positions of power. Keep moving. Keep striving. Keep winning.

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