Otherworld Spell


A spell to make another world which you could visit at any time. I suggest moving to a safe place prior to going into the otherworld of your own creation. I will soon make a spell to open your otherworld to other users of this spell/visit other otherworlds. You may make multiple otherworlds, but don’t overwhelm yourself.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Several sheets of paper Clear quartz Amethyst Moonstone Fluorite Labradorite Token of your otherworld String (optional) 5 white candles, one at each stage (optional)

Casting Instructions for ‘Otherworld Spell’

Place the five crystals in the five points of the pentagram. Optionally, create one with string and them place the crystals. Put the token in the center.

On the first paper, write the title of your otherworld on top. Draw a logo for your otherworld (be sure you want this, and that you did not borrow it from a work of fiction or other source) underneath it. Next, describe the place you’ll live in the otherworld. Describe as many details as you can fit on both sides of the paper while imagining it as vividly as you can in your mind. Float through each part of it. You can expand your otherworld later.
On the next sheet of paper, describe your idea station. This is where you will change your otherworld. You may imagine a book with info you can write and erase. You may envision a stone, with a smooth and reflective coating. Choose something which relates to you. Imagine every facet of it, from its appearance to how you use it. On the other hand, write this: “Moon that shines bright/Bless that (what your station is) with magick light/Let not use it but me/This (thing) that only I see/As I will it, it shall be”
On another sheet of paper, write about how you will look. For those who have any special powers, say them here. If the rear is empty, describe any items you’ll have with you. Otherwise, use another paper.
Use the remainder to detail whatever else you need to detail. When you’re done with doing all of this and vividly imagining each component, say the spell.

“I produce another world
To go to as I please
When It’s fully formed by the Gods and Goddesses
I can travel there Effortlessly
With Only a thought, this world will pause
And the other unlocks
I journey to the otherworld
Where in its area I walk
I travel back in moments
My body resumes its location
I Don’t suffer damage
From traversing space and time
From my private station
I can change the dimension around
Only I can use this (channel type)
With its power unbound
In this area I walk with ease
And safely return
Kindle this world within my heart
So to life it may burn
So mote it be.”

Now blow out candles (if applicable), close the circle, and lift up the token to split the pentagram.

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  1. Are there alternatives to the stones needed? Like say a Rose Quartz, a Tiger’s eye, Turquoise, or other Quartz’s


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