New Moon Shifting Spell


A spell to control the metaphysical shifting method.

You will need the following items for this spell:

2 white candles (any size) 1 black candle (any size, same size as or bigger than white candles) Little white candle or tealight Little candle on your type’s colour (decide, or pick the suggested colour) Quartz stone (preferably a normal crystal or a carved rod shape) Token/s of your mythical type (there are suggestions) Token of humanity (there are suggestions) Salt Water Empty ceramic bowl or ashtray Paper (2 bits) New Moon at midnight

Casting Directions for ‘New Moon Shifting Spell’

Ingredient Meanings:
Salt is for cleansing and purification of the self and the working space.
Water is to bring the wish to life and make it real, representing the sealing of the wish into the universe.
The quartz represents the purity and clarity of your desire, the protection and healing properties to produce the mental and physical change, and many more magickal properties such as a supply of spell power.
The paper is to write a very clear thought and clear intent for the spell.
The white candles offer a blank slate and represent the coming into being, the purity of this desire, the clarity of their desire, new beginnings, and general magick power.
The black candle represents the banishment of negativity, darkness, the new moon, and magick. It also reflects your mythical self.
The tiny white candle represents your humanity.
The small colored candle reflects your mythical self and the journey to get there.

Warning: Make sure that you are certain in your wish and won’t alter your mind.

Spell instructions:

Purify the space with salt. Sprinkle some over each candle.

Light the white candles, then the black candle. Light the small white tealight and put the unlit coloured one next to it. Write on the first paper:

“I am an individual.
I am human in mind.
I’m human in body.
I’m human in spirit.
I don’t need to be human.”

Now hold the token of humanity and say:

“I am human
And on this day
I reject my humanity
And cast it away.”

Light the coloured candle with the tiny white candle’s flame. Say:

“A/n (type) is what I Want to be
I change the soul deep within me
I Want to be a/n (type), so I need to change
My life I shall rearrange
My mind I shall shift with intensity
To awaken the (type) inside of me
With diligence of mind, body and soul
I break my chains and become a whole.”

Now hold the mythical token and say:

“A/n (type) is that I am within
I alter the soul underneath my skin
I change my mind to allow me to shift
I shall achieve my dreams, my soul will lift
The physical shift is my greatest dream
It will be mine for all to see
The (type) I have become
By the mysterious Moon and shining Sun!”

Now pick up the white candle and say:

“Here on this course I make my pledge
I shall never stray
I shall never give up my dream
Or stop and lose my way
I will become a (kind)
This is my biggest desire
I use my force of will
Stronger than hottest fire
I vow to always stay strong
Even when the path gets rough
I will achieve my physical shift
And that knowledge is enough
To keep me on the road
Slowly soldiering on
As I change into a/n (type)
I shall remain strong.”

Now blow out the candle, imagining your human self blowing off, replaced with your desired self. Visualize your new self, form all angles and perspectives, taking in every detail. Imagine yourself physically changing for the first time, the next time, the tenth time (unless you’re shifting permanently). When you are finished, write on the next paper (Remove anything that hasn’t changed. By way of example, if you’re an usagi with non retractable ears and tail, exit the retractable part.) :

“I am a/n (type).
My eyes are (eye color).
My hair is (hair colour) and (hair length).
I’ve (wings/ears/tail/etc.).
I’ve (mythical parts).
I’ve (mythical parts).
I can retract my (mythical part) at will.
I can retract my (mythical part) at will.
I can retract my (mythical part) at will.
(Insert anything else you may want to add.)”

Now read this paper whilst burning off the human paper with the black candle’s flame. Repeat it until the human paper is burned fully. Then fold it up, and place it in the water. Blow out the candles to complete the spell. Dispose of the ash outside, and pour the water bowl into running water or a garden.

Note: This does not make you a mythical all on your own. It is meant to boost the metaphysical shifting procedure. Check my other spells for more standalone spells (although these also require some type of shifting or boosting).

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