Break up Candle Spell


Simple break up spell, best done on the full to new moon. Be careful what you wish for though.

You will need the following items for this spell:

2 Pink candles
1 Blue candle
Dove’s Blood Oil
1 Pink String
2 Blue candles
1 Pink candle
Dove’s Blood Oil
1 Pink String
If same sex, use all the same colour.

Casting Instructions for ‘Break up Candle Spell’

~Take each candle and carve each persons names into their representing candle. Example, take one pink candle and carve your full name, the second pink candle, carve the girlfriends full name, and finally take the blue candle and carve his full name.

~Anoint your candle with the Dove’s Blood oil, rub it from the center down, then center up with your index finger on your power [writing] hand. Visualize the person being attracted towards you and leaving their current partner. Chant

(desired person’s name) I love you,
(desired person’s name) love me too,
(desired person’s name) be drawn to me,
and far away from you.
(partners name) be hated,
(partners name) be scorn,
it is I (your name) that they adore.

~Place your candle on the far end of a table. Place their two candles together on the other end. Light each candle, watch them while they burn [about 5 minutes] then snuff each one out, leaving your candle for last. Repeat this every night until the new moon, each night moving the desired person’s candle away from it’s partner, towards your candle.

~On the New Moon, bind your candle and your desired persons together with the pink string, anoint both with the doves blood oil:

We are together now (desired person’s name)
and (partners name) is no more.
Come to me, (your name), who loves you so.
(desired person’s name) love me,
stay beside me,
never leave me,
so mote it be.

~Keep the two candles bound until the full moon. Hopefully the candles are still big enough to light them. if not, light them on the full moon.

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