Natural Energy


Explains the comprehension of Natural Energy and how to control it.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Mind Intense Concentration

Casting Instructions for ‘Natural Energy’

WARNING THIS IS FORBIDDEN WHICH MEANS IM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANYTHING THAT HAPPENS! Natural Energy is the sort of energy that is unique in its own way. This energy is what makes up the functions, strength, physics, time and force in this world. Most beings get natural energy normally but since they dont know how to control it its not that powerful. People who dont practice this kind of energy understand nor comprehend what it feels like to have it. Its like a sixth sense in a way as you dont know the feeling of it unless you have it. In order to get natural energy you have to stay still. You may breathe but it will take longer. It is also possible to visualize the energy coming towards you without standing still but this may sometimes corrupt it if you cant concentrate when doing this. Natural Energy is more than a power-up or boost. It enriches a beings bodily strength and speed and it may also change the physical form. Now doing so wont mean that you may shape-shift into a bear or vampire or dragon. You can do this but… you may die while trying. If you take a lot you can change your looks. Normally in the first stage marks may appear on your body mostly on face. You can even give yourself wings or horns but the danger is that you may damage your body. If you keep calm and absorb it without struggle or think it wont hurt you youll get the pure form of it. You require a LOT of belief in order for this to work. Your senses will boost a lot to the point where you can respond to things without EYES even. I am not responsible for what occurs. People even have a affinity for absorbing this energy so making them resistant to it. Also just a heads up you can envision any colour of what the energy could be. But if you cant do this then imagine either: Purple which suggests the power form of it which is the dangerous but powerful one. 2: The lava like colour which suggests the body shifting of it. Its the second most dangerous but may be the easiest to absorb. Three: Green which suggests the pure or standard form of it that is mostly absorbed by concentration. Its the one that is safest.

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