Misfortune Hex


If someone has done you wrong, cast this spell and they will experience more bad luck than normal.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Five black Candles Salt Night of the Full Moon Belief A voice

Casting Directions for ‘Misfortune Hex’

You may want to do a protection spell until you cast this. NOTE: The security spell will not stop the threefold law but it will lessen its effects.
Use the salt to make a circle large enough for one to sit in the middle. Then, set the candles at the five points of the pentacle (right side up) going anti-clockwise, starting with Spirit. Say the names of their point of position as you light them. You might wish to do this after, or while you’re placing them, whatever you feel comfortable with.
Sit in the middle of your circle with your legs crossed and your palms facing upward, towards the sky. Close your eyes and breathe deeply or meditate and imagine yourself merging with the pentagram you have created with the salt and the candles. Now say:

This person has done me wrong,
Mighty Hecate, I call thee.
Come to my aid, and punish those that have hurt me.
Make them feel remorse, and regret their presence.
I give to you the moon, in return for my asking.

Whilst you are saying this, think about the person of which you would like to place this hex on. You can use a photo or picture of them to help you however this is not mandatory for the spell to work.
Now return to your breathing/meditating and repeat until you feel it’s done:

Misfortune, misfortune,
Turn their way.

You should also imagine the person in question with this too. Once relaxed, stand up, extinguish the candles and say:

So mote it be.

NOTE: You shouldn’t try this spell in a state of happiness or positive feeling to the person you would like to hex, otherwise they will not be cursed but you may. No amount of protection spells or power of them for that matter will avoid the threefold law from reaching you, the most it will do is buy you time, or lessen the effects. This is also a weak hex/curse and the effects may not last long or occur immediately. If you would like something more effective look elsewhere. If you wish to leave the ring there as a sign of protection you may but remove it another night otherwise it will bring you bad luck.

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