Meditation Stone


This spell creates a special stone which is to be held during meditation that will assist you attain that state, when you have trouble doing so.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Stone Sigil for meditation Paint or mark Tiny jar or bowl Chamomile Sage Rosemary Pine Lavender Jasper Amethyst Smokey Quartz Moonstone Blue candle Purple candle

Casting Directions for ‘Meditation Stone’

First, a small correspondance for the herbs and crystals used. Chamomile for meditation and calm; Sage for cleansing; Rosemary for purification and cleansing; Pine for freshness; Lavender for calm and peace; Jasper for psychological and spiritiual energy; Amethyst for purification and peace; Smokey quartz for meditation; Moonstone only because I liked it.

(Of course, you can use some of the things that correspond to you).


Before you do this spell, make your meditation sigil and paint it over the rock. If you use paint (like myself) it could take more time.

Spell Procedure

Put a bunch of every herb onto the tiny jar or bowl, while thinking of your intent and what you really want that ingredient to do. You can speak them out loud if you want or not, as you desire. Place the bowl in the middle of the pentacle (if you use one).

After you put the herbs, light the two candles again while thinking of the intent. If you use the pentacle, place them at both sides of the bowl further from the bowl, so they’re in some sort of Mickey Mouse face place.

Charge your crystals with the desired intent and encircle the bowl together.

Hold your meditation stone and command it to absorb all the forces of the candles, crystals and herbs you supply to it. Then put it on top of the herbs in the bowl.

Leave the candles to burn down (if youre leaving or going to sleep, you can snuff them and then light them up again once you wake up so you can place an eye on them). I left the stone there a few days to absorb all of the powers, but you can make it less, this is completely your choice.

Done! Hold your stone however you want while meditating and control it with moonlight or sunlight when you feel it needs a boost. And message me if you have any doubts :-RRB-

Personal Experience

This stone has helped me meditate more easily, as I always found myself steering away and not actually meditating. I feel it was a success for me.


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