Draconian Inner Stone


I have test it my self! What it does it brings out your inner dragon spirit form! When you wear yourself, And your stone, and bring out who you are more!You can feel more of your dragon type!

You may need the following items for this spell:

Container for your blood
Stone or crystal (You need to have a strong bond with it)
You’ll need a bowl
Full Moon

Casting Instructions for ‘Draconian Inner Stone’

You’ll have to do.Get a bowl same colour as your dragon scales or a diffent color it really doesnt matter. Fill the bowl with boil water that is hot, Or tem- Then put your stone in the water. Insert your blood into your bowl. Subsequently baken soda.Then stir for awhile. After done stiring to mix the water and your blood. Make your hands like clawling like put your hands side to side of the bowl, and shut your eyes and put all your enegy into the blood and stone, then say the spells as you cast. Stone Spell

Come an merge Make an allow of every might thatI shall wear this, Dragon might will reveal. WhoI am behold the richfullness of dragon. kind. Let it be on bestold into the might of dragon heve. Allow the dragon Let it reveal, Have and let my dragon might be free of and from hold, might show asI wear this stone of my pure dragon blood and unite me so mote it be.

What you need to do,is get a browl but haves to function as colour type, it doesnt have to be your own color. Its a suggestion itll still work. But will take some time to soak an it carefully into the bowl, bowling hot water, take baking soda in it, stir it for a while. Set your gems an add your blood in it alittle. Place your hands side let your magicka go onto it an, Make sure its moon tonight that is full. An state the 1st spell while your casting some time its soaking after your done get out it an make it into a neckalence then state the secound while your looking to it an holding it up your done.

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