Making Your Own Magical Tools For Rituals


So, your interested in making your own magical tools?

Many Pagan traditions involve the use of magical tools in rituals and spellwork. There are many reasons why Pagans like to make their own tools, including: the creation process becomes part of the ritual or spell; using a tool with your own magical energy makes it more personal; and even if you buy a tool that has already been consecrated, you can feel like you are taking on an active role in its use and energy flow by retriggering it into your practices and rituals.

How To Make Your Own Book of Shadows

Gardner's Book of Shadows - Learning Witchcraft

One of the most commonly asked questions about Pagan traditions is how to make a Book of Shadows. A BOS, as it is known, contains all the information you need to practice your religion. The information can be ritual workings, correspondence tables, Wiccan spells, herbal remedies, recipes for oils and incense and much more. Most covens have one book that everyone contributes to but individual pagans often make their own, making this an important survival skill all on its own.

Ritual Robes for Every Pagan Tradition

Sorcery versus Witchcraft

A ritual robe for the home is a simple item to create. Any sort of fabric can be used to create a robe, and you can call on your intuition to help determine what color or pattern would work best for you. It’s easy to make a ritual robe in any size you need, and if done properly, it can last several years — if not longer.

If you want to immerse yourself in the energy of a ritual, there are few items as powerful as a robe. To aid in the ascension from mundane to magical, most people prefer to don the ritual robe immediately after setting up for a ritual. There’s no need to wait until you are about to cast your circle — before beginning work on your ritual tools or lighting candles, you can quickly slip into your robe. By doing so, you accomplish two things: 1) you physically prepare for the spellwork that is coming; and 2) you mentally prepare by bringing yourself into the mindset of the impending ritual.

How to Make an Athame for Your Rituals

Ritual Athame

The athame is a vital important ingredient in the Wiccan tool-kit. The main purpose of the athame is to direct or send energy out into the universe. While there are many other traditional uses for an athame, this is probably the most important use. Another use for an athame would be in ritual to summon an element to aid you in your ritual.

An athame is any slender, usually double-edged, dagger that is used in rituals by Wiccans and Pagans. Also referred to as an “energy knife,” the athame is used to direct and encourage energy during ritual and spell-casting.

Make Your Own Besom: A Ritual Cleansing Wand

For my magical tools, I like to walk the line between practical and luxurious. A besom is inexpensive if you’re willing to get creative. You could use pine branches from the woods, or buy a bundle of cheap brooms (and break them). I like to buy straw from a farm supply store — their prices are lower than the craft store, and the straw lasts much longer.

Make A Wooden Altar Pentacle for Wiccan Ritual

The pentacle is one of the most widely recognized symbols in Wiccan religion, next to the pentagram. It has been used throughout history for centuries, with different cultures attributing different meanings and connotations to it. More recently, the pentacle has been replacing the use of pentagrams due to misconceptions with that symbol.  The term “pentacle” actually refers not to a symbol but to a physical object that can be used as a magical tool. In modern English, we might refer to it as an altar or sacred space.

Believe it or not, you can make a pentacle of your own from wood. They are quite easy to make. In fact, if you have some basic woodworking skills, you should be able to build one in a day or two (which makes wood an excellent alternative to those who don’t want to wait for a custom order or pay the high price tag that often comes with purchasing something already made). It is also a very personal project. You will only need basic tools and a few materials. Most importantly, you will get to meditate and focus on the ritual. That’s why I recommend making your first pentacle of your own. You won’t believe how much more personal the experience becomes!

Create your own Portable Altar Kit

Portable Altar Kit

Wicca and other Pagan and Earth-based religions often begin with a set of rituals known as the Wiccan Rede and the Wiccan Laws. During these rituals, the Wiccan initiate is given objects that can be used to build an altar kit. Altar kits are useful for any ceremonial ritual. The individual items inside can be used to represent different parts of nature or elements such as air, fire, water, and earth. Collecting these items can give you access to their healing energies whether you’re casting a spell or not. A basic altar kit might include items like stones, crystals, amethysts, and candles. You can also include items such as feathers, photos, seashells, a broom, etc….

DIY Quartz Crystal Wand

healing spell

One of the most powerful methods of directing energy during spellwork or ritual is through the use of a wand. Many Pagans adore this wonderful esoteric tool. A beautiful crystal wand is an excellent way to channel power, but it does not stop there. Typically, a wand is crafted with a specific type of wood that corresponds to the elements. The crystals are often thought to channel specific energies—quartz (clear quartz) for air and water, amethyst for love and meditation, rose quartz for healing and communication, citrine for abundance and prosperity — making quartz crystal wands particularly useful for spellwork that aims to achieve various goals.

A Witch’s Ladder You Can Make at Home

Witch's Ladder

A witch’s ladder has been used for centuries to focus the will, to cast spells, and to draw down the energy of the heavens. Originally the rungs were made from thin branches stuck into a rounded wooden log. Later, candles replaced these pieces. By the time that Halloween came around by popular demand, witches’ ladders had any number of “rungs” with each one dedicated to a saint or deity. A stone may occupy one rung and a feather another. A crystal is rung at one point, then a coin is rung on another—a lock of hair on yet another–and so on all around the pole.

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